…And I Have A Dream

If you are so inclined, I am reading this speech on the WHATJAYESAID: THE PODCAST on August 30 as well. -JBH

The march on Washington is over 60 years old at this point. And sometimes it feels very far away, and very near the same time.

Especially with several marches of equal significance that have been done since then. One that sparks my memory the most is the Million Man March which was headed by Louis Farrakhan.

Yet, I still have a dream.

My dream is that my children can stop marching because of the color of their skin. Dream is that my children, and grandchildren will be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and go to school they both have books and safety simultaneously.

I still have that dream.

I have a dream that black women will be in a country that is safer than we were black and woman at the same time. Not having to choose between which identity will keep in the safest… When in reality neither do.

I have a dream.

I have a dream that little Black boys will remember that they are kings. Their fathers will no longer leave them to the search for power that is never going to come! Giving in the crumbs of their love, the scraps of the affection, and then pushing them into a World that wishes to devour them!

I have a dream that the black community, that has given me so much will heal. We’ll stop blaming black women for everything! Will move beyond sorrow and trauma is personality trait and embrace joy fully!

I have a dream that my people, whom range from the latest beige to the richest Coco and Ebonee, will be going to look in the mirror and see power and the pain. Love and not Fear, hatred, or desperation!

My dream, it’s for my people to begin to dream again. If that means that I have to remain a torch, then so be it! I’ll keep bringing the matches for yours Do you remember that you too, are a torch.

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