This miniseries is on Apple TV now and features the marvelous MisterBats!

Walter Mosley is the uncle in my head. I line his work, and believe he is a marvelous storyteller! And as I am a fan of Easy Rawlins, I decided to be a fan of any Black male protagonists he created!

And Ptolemy is an aging Black man with dementia, and trying to figure out the life he lived, the life he’s trying to figure out, and protect the lives around him!

From the medicine he takes to clear his mind thanks to the concern of his nephew Reggie, he avenges his death. The story snatches you as we go through Ptolemy’s life past, present and future!

With Mosley allowing us to time travel with Pitty Papa as his great-niece called him, you are invested! You want him to get better, clean his apartment up as Robin tries to help him pull his life to one continuous line. You ROOT for him! You want him to keep doing well with the medicine and find CoyDog McCann’s treasure!

And when Robin hit that dope fiend that robbed Ptolemy with that box fan? I cried laughing!

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but know that revenge is something I cheer for when necessary! And revenge was gotten in spades!

The beautiful thing about this book is how undeniably Black it is! And just how we have to remember our elder’s lives are more complex than we realize, how deep family bonds are, and some times revenge (and help) comes from the most needed, unlikely source.

I loved it, even as it broke my heart at the end.

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