In Defense Of Megan

There is something to be gained from observing this situation between Megan Javon Ruth Pete and—clearly her nemesis—Tory Lanez.

The thing that I see that is most glaring, is just how rampant the disrespect of Black women is. And there is a certain aesthetic that goes along with being the protected class of Black women. and if you were not up there class of Black women – meaning you can’t be too tall, can’t be too loud, can’t be too sexual, can be too ambitious–then you are granted this thing that way we don’t have to ask for: protection.

I have seen this woman’s personhood, femininity, and physique filleted for sport!

Never going to get tired of saying this

It is indicative if how we treat black women in this nation! She has gone through something traumatic, yet she has to prove how traumatized she was about the trauma, in order for the trauma to even be believed!

It’s sick.

And it is giving very much microaggression!

According to Megan, according to the police report, she was shot in her foot. The police get there, she’s aware of how the police interact with black man, she lied to protect somebody who hurt her. This is a common story in our community! and because she lied, is she even admitted why she lied, she is being treated as if she is the aggressor. Meanwhile the person who hurt her, has made sport of her in the same career arena that she travels in. Taking every opportunity to assail her!

One thing that I want to stay and flat foot it on as this month of April meet ends, as this month of the continued pronouncement that the protection of black women and girls is necessary, I want to ask this.

Why is it so hard to believe Black women?


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