28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: Final Reflections

I am a Black woman. I am neither ashamed to be Black nor woman.

As this month ends, as chaotic as it was to get to this point, I am grateful. I am in a place that can only be appreciated after you have decided in yourself to do better, accepting your mistakes, and in the pursuit of better.

I think that is really the goal of this Black History Month–which is why it is so powerful! It is a time of celebration and self-reflection. Heroes are discovered, recovered and analyzed.

It is time where the focus is not on the world, centering Whiteness, or the feelings of either. This time, these 28, 29 days are for US.


At Target, there was all this merch for Black History Month, and I grabbed a shirt with the phrase NOIRE ICON on it. It is my reminder that Black History is still made daily. I am the result of that history being made, to continue to make inroads, pathways and futures daily.

This isn’t the end of Black History Month–this is the entry into the Black Future Year!

See y’all there.

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