If you have followed the platform for some time, you recognize this initiative. With Black women succumbing to death at a higher rate than other women during birth, I must reiterate why this initiative is not just necessary, but life-saving! This initiative is taking donations, and no amount is too small. Thank you. -JBH

I am often quoted as saying Black doctors and nurses are superheroes.

I say this because it is gospel level true!

The incredible work that Brittany Ferrell is doing, is indicative of Maude Callen almost a century ago. The goal of Honor Black Birth is simple: protect Black women. But, allow the founder of this inatiive, a Black woman and a Black mother explain it again:

About Honor Black Birth

We create content about the Black body and lived experience through a Reproductive Justice framework. We prioritize stories that counter the narratives that have for too long pathologized and stripped Black people, Black bodies, and Black communities of agency and power. We tell stories of resistance.

Honor Black Birth, honorblackbirth.org

In complete transparency, had a Black woman not advocated for me and the other saved my life, I would not be here. I owe my life to Black women. And I will always use my voice, space, and life to advocate for Black women.

Support Honor Black Birth. Go now. You’re welcome.

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