There is more happening with this January 6 Insurrection, there were bomb threats to several HBCU’s, Rihanna is pregnant, Joe Rogan and Greg Locke are demons, Spotify is losing more artists, and Black women’s mental health matters. Whew!

Let’s get it!

#CheslieKyrst #MentalHealth #MissUSA2019 #SocialMedia #SupportBlackWomen #ProtectBlackWomen #StrongBlackWomenAreTired

I found out about the suicide of Cheslie Kryst through TikTok. She was 30–a decade younger than me. She committed suicide by jumping out of the window of her Manhattan high-rise apartment. That shook me–because she looked as though she was thriving (her page is still up–@chesliekryst–RIH). She looked as if she was okay! But this is trick of being a strong Black woman is that no one checks on us. No one checks on us! We are too busy being strong to realize that being strong means that you can ask for help.

Check on the Chelsie’s in your circle. Check on your strong friends. They aren’t always ‘fine’.

#HBCUs #ProtectBlackPeople #BombThreats #BHM2022 #BlackHistoryMonth #WhenDoesItStop

There have been 4 days of Black History Month, and there were bomb threats at several HBCU’s this week. In 2022.

Bomb threats. To HBCU’s. In 2022.

#Rihanna #MamaRihanna #A$APRocky #HowHeDoThat #WhatIsGoingOn #WhoWroteThis #IBetItsAGirl

I had to end this week in a happy note!

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is pregnant, and glowing! This is awesome! I bet there will be Fenty Beauty out of this! Watch!

See y’all next week! There are 24 more days until the end of Black History Month!

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