Going Into Year Two…

As a little girl growing up in St. Louis, the worst thing was being in the house! Like, everything was outside! It was my mother’s younger sister (and my second mother, really!) Whom had taught me to jump rope when I was 5, 6 years old, and that is all I wanted to do when it was younger!

Looking back on it, this was my attempt to be an acrobat! They have to be light on their feet, and be willing to do daring things. Surely, if I got good at that, I could then be the acrobat or the trapeze artist, I so desired to be.

In speeding forward 35 years, in the second year, going into year three (as of this December–remember this kicked off in 2019!) of COVID-19, I find myself in that same little girl space:

Can we go outside yet?”

Before my vaccination and booster, I had not hugged my mother in over a year! I been reliant on Instacart and all kinds of delivery services to get things done. I mean, one of thee most evil things about this pandemic (to me) is that life has not stopped!

People still need money.

Kids still need clohtes.

We all still gotta eat.

Nothing is at a standstill, and that feels really strange! But yet, we all want to go outside…because life is out there. And we are equal parts missing it, and living it.

I can’t quite reconcile that, Torches. Can you?

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