I Remember Blackness: A Love Letter…To Us!

Blackness is not a monolith.

Blackness is rich, inviting, and home to some of the most dynamic people humanity has ever had! From Hannibal Barca to Cab Calloway. From Pharaoh Nefertiti to Alicia Keys. Blackness has always been, always was, and will continue to be.

Blackness always will be.

If you take one thing away from this month and smiling at my own memories and mistakes, I want you to look through your own memories and focus on your joys rather than trauma or sorrows! I want you to remember what it means to be Black, live Black, and never be ashamed to be Black.

It is always so easy for the world to see Blackness, see Black people as a source of trauma, pain and sorrow. It is so easy for the world to see us a death omens incapable of joy or happiness.

This is not so!

Blackness is rich, joyous, beautiful and holding all color! We will not dim our light because it hurts your eyes. Why should we? Blackness is there in the light too, and will not trade our joy for your comfortable suspicion. We are not moving anymore…and never again.


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