The Earth’s core must be melting because this week is insane! Nickole Hannah-Jones is denied tenure at her alma mater (which proves her need for the 1619 Project), Starbucks Coffee Company is being accused of having ‘gay men’s semen’ in it’s coffee which is why it tastes so good, and the Terrorist Right known through Hell and all its realms as the GOP, is still not admitting that an insurrection, a domestic terrorist event, happened on January 6, 2021–and it’s almost June. Neither will they admit that this happened at the behest instruction of Orange Thanos. Why is it so hard? Hmm.

Let’s get it!

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I have followed Nickole Hannah Jones on Twitter for the better part of five years. When she came up with the concept for the 1619 Project—I was overjoyed! I was overjoyed because it is needed and necessary! Being an African-American person in this country, as Ballwin said, it’s likebeing African with none of the history—and in American with none of the privilege.

And that is exactly true!

The fact that she was so audacious, so thorough in her construction of this project means everything. To have her alma mater, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, deny her tenure? Even with her project getting all these accolades and even genius grants, let us know exactly how dangerous it really is to teach American History. The American History that scary white folks want always pays him as victor never villain! They paint them as Savior—and never savage! The fact of the matter is there are people in this nation who still desire to be rocked to sleep then to be awakened by truth.

#AOC #AlexandriaOcasioCortez #Fangirling #Politics #TheHouse #KeepThisUpHere #FAAFO

Let me tell you this right away! I love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! I love her like a little sister who came from the bottom now she’s here! I love her like I love my biological sister. I am so proud of her! And THIS WEEK when I saw her turn around on that musty mutant known as Marjorie Taylor Greene (who is trying to make calling herself MTG a thing?!) on the house floor? Oh I thought it was on in the BEST the way!

As one who is from St. Louis, Missouri and knows exactly with those hand motions, and quick turnaround meant? Mane, lookahere! That same needs the stupid slapped of her so hard that it becomes a face on the back of her neck so people can see her silly ass coming! I’m just waiting on the fight in the parking lot.White women like her only learn after an ass whuppin.

#Terrorism # DomesticTerrorism #History #CoverUp #January6 #Infamy #BlueLivesDontMatter #WhatNow

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I was swear it was all a lie. January 6, 2021 was a day that I as an American citizen saw the country be ripped apart. I saw a madman at the helm of a ship that is hell-bent on destroying the nation wield such a power over other people to the point that the democracy, this republic was at risk!

And still is at risk!

The fact that the GOP still is in lockstep with Orange Thanos tells you everything you need to know. They will never accuse their savior of anything wrong. They don’t have the wherewithal to truly admit the evil they have agreed to be silent about.

We are now six months almost passed that event. And minority leader of this army of the Horsemen of the apocalypse refuses to acknowledge this is a terrorist attack. The one thing that is so glaring, that is so dark about all of this is the entire world saw.

The entire world saw it!

And the fact that they still do not want to admit this happened on their watch? They don’t want to admit that for the love of money, power, and their dalliances with fascism this happened?! I have no hope for the GOP. None. Whatever lingering respect there was? Gone.

I think it was gone right before Senator Rafael Cruz went to Mexico—while people were freezing in Texas.

Remember: next month is Men’s Month! See y’all in a few. Follow me on TikTok: @whatjayesaid.

See y’all next week!


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