28 Days Of Blackness: Meet Michae & Quintell Allen, ‘Ghostreaders’ With A Story To Tell!

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Looking like they host their own show!

When you are a minority person, especially someone that is Black, your job is two-fold: create and hold space. This is what I aim to do on my podcast, The Writers’ Block. With such a clear intention, I make sure that when talent is booked for the podcast, that same talent, too, will be supported in every way possible.

Enter Michae (pronounced MIS-SHAY) and Quintell of Ghostreaders.

Black voice actors! Read it again!

What makes what they do so ingenious is that they offer narration for indie authors across genre! Michae himself says that audiobooks are an untapped resource for Black writers! With the success of Audible, the availability of Black writers to find someone who is Black to actually read their work is rare! There are nuances and other intangibles that are associated with Black culture, the AAVE, as well as regional dialects that reflect in a specific work.

Black voice actors to read stories written by Black writers. With Michae and Quintell being well-read, they being their own flair and imagination to each work they are presented. Quintell herself likens it to acting! Ghostreaders also have a catalog of voices/characters they have done in order to that the right sound to what they are bring to life. With this is mind, it only proves their motto:

We add soul to your words.

Viola Davis said to be a good actor you have to be a thief. You have to be able to pick up what no one else will or does. You have to study, and remain a student. How much more of that is true when presented with a work by a Black author as one who is versed in both the Black experience and culture, then hearing all that come together in the form of a written work!

Indeed, they are creating as well as holding space. If writing is an art, the so much more is acting. The fact that the Ghostreaders lend and lead their talents towards all genres, favoring Black writers? It seems to be holy work—rescuing the work of Black writers from obscurity—one word at a time.

Note: The interview with Michae and Quintell is on my podcast, The Writers’ Block (red and black logo) on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Play. Their show is episode number 41: Meet Michae and Quintell Allen, the Founders of Ghostreaders. In later episodes, it is Quintell that is heard doing the Intro and Outro for the podcast! Patronize Black businesses!

[images courtesy of Ghostreaders and The Writers’ Block Podcast]

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