28 Days Of Blackness: Opting Out…Of Black History Month?

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In the age of Black Lives Matter, Madam Vice President, and two terms of Barack Hussein Obama, I thought the question of celebrating Black History Month was a moot point. I mean, it’s not even 30 days, even in Leap Years! So to have school districts sending emails to parents offering to have their children ‘opt out‘ of learning about Black history?

This seems like the most privileged thing that could happen! How do you muster up the audacity to ask parents to opt out of a curriculum? See! But this is the problem! Anything that relates to anything Black (especially in matters of literature and art) is seen as elective or unnecessary! It is dehumanizing to learn that this is a reality in 2021! The White status quo hates Blackness so much, is so anti-Black, is so dedicated to all things White, that the narrative cannot stand to be countered! For people who see themselves as ‘superior’ have a hard time with facts! They have a hard time accepting they are not as special as they were taught! They have a sincere issue with history, with American history especially, being told in its entireity!

This is the contention historians have brought up for generations!

It is not just to tell only the White narrative that is ascribed to history–that makes it propaganda! History by nature is story! A story is not complete unless all characters are accounted for or seen. Opting out of having Black history be taught to non-Black children only reinforces the need for it to be taught!

Oppression, subjugation, usurping, and murder are all the poisonous fruits from the orchard of white supremacy. Those that practice it, whom eat of its fruits, will do anything in their power (or beyond it) to make sure there can be no questioning of its dominant narrative! Anything to wash away, repurpose, preserve and erase anything else anyone else has done! In teaching Black history, which is still apart of American history, how can you think that erasing it would somehow be a benefit?

What is White America scared of? Are you scared you aren’t special? Are you mad that all you have was either stolen or repurposed from non-White people? Do you not want your world to crumble because if you were to find out exactly how dastardly your forefathers were, you would know that you are at the best abhorrently mediocre? But this here? This is a prime example of just how mediocre and sad racism has made you.

White America is so threatened by Black history that they must stamp out any hope of us as Black people to remain in order for their to be a Black future! To be that afraid of people who don’t look like you, to stymie them at every turn, to stop them from learning, or even discovering, about people who look like them? That is all they know to do.

It’s sad. It’s tired.

At this point, just tell your school district you’re an inept racist, and you don’t want to be called one outright–just opt out of the progress of this nation so you can be readily identified. Y’all have always been good at hiding behind things–hoods, the law, badges and now screens! Just go be honest, for once.

[image from northernpublicradio.org]

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