It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 92nd birthday!

And this week? This week has run the gamut! Orange Thanos got put off Beyoncé’s internet, the storming of the Capitol is still being proven to be an inside job, the National Guard is sleeping on its floor, the FBI is catching Vanilla Isis all over the internet, and it is officially 5 days before the Inaugaration of President Joesph R. Biden, Jr. My VP wraps her hair at night! Almost there y’all! *Queues BRAND NEW DAY from The Wiz*

Let’s get it!

#VanillaIsis #YallQaDea #Talibanjo #Parler #NoFlyLists #GetEm #TheFBIIsNotPlaying #AGGarland #ThisIs #NoTearsOnlyJoy #DontCryNow #VerifiedCitizens #VerifiedStupid #InsideJob #SocialMediaIsForever

January 6, 2021 was an act of domestic terrorism on the Capitol Building–the People’s House!–by people who were radicalized by the sitting US President, Donald John Trump. A white supremacist, sexist, trans/homophobic, adulterous, Nazi sympathizer. He is a whole bigoted, white trash John Gotti. But I digress.

It is glorious to see these people lose their jobs, freedom, and be seen as the terrorist they are! I am cackling watching them be put off planes, put on No Fly Lists, and melting down! I am loving this, Torches! I’m not sorry, either! The only difference between a racist and a terrorist is motivation!

Prove me wrong.

Do not ask me for sympathy about this. Do not try and tell me I am wrong for reveling in this! They would revel in my death and downfall! So, why shouldn’t I point and laugh with Black trucks and G-Men pull up on people? Why shouldn’t I laugh when people’s lives are ruined because they listened to man that can’t even read off paper well? Why is it NOT funny to watch these MAGA Bros and SuperKarens have their lives ruined because they put their ID’s on Parler to be a ‘verified citizen’, telling the world where they would be? Nall. That’s natural consequences at that point. Deal! Y’all better get on the Trump Train, because that is the only way that you can get around. Or a bike!

#LoriHarvey #LetHerBeGreat #ThatIsMichaelsBae #KillmongerGotABae #LetHimLikeHer #WhatIsTheProblem #ThatsStevesDaughter #ActLikeALadyThinkLikeAMan #SheYoungEnoughToDoIt

Lori Harvey is living her life! Let this girl live her life! Her Daddy is STEVE HARVEY! If you think about it, it was inevitable that she would have met Michael B. Jordan! And I mean that! And her Papa probably had something to do with this! I am here for it! I truly am!

Lori is out her doing what any other young woman with access to money and privilege is doing! I mean, I remember when Britney Spears was popping! She hasn’t been right since she broke up with Justin Timberlake! She had no one to snatch her back until she totally fell! With that said, Lori could do a WHOLE lot worse! Michael B. Jordan is MEDIUM problematic compared to some of these other dudes (White or Black!) she could be involved with!

Let them be in IG with ‘Boo’ed Up’ playing! It’s 2021, let healthy Black love happen.

#PutOffTheInnanet #OrangeThanosForTheSnap #GetTheGauntletFromHim #NoMoreOfThis #Nall #DieMad #WhoLooking #PackTheBoxes #TurnInBadges #BRANDNEWDAY

This is not censorship, Torches. This is CAPITALISM.

Censorship is trash. When you agree to use a communication platform (i.e., social media platforms) you have to agree to a TOS (Terms Of Service). You know, that think few people really read? But when you agree to the TOS, you agree to what the COMPANY SAYS you can do on your assigned platform, and you violate that TOS? Your access is terminated!

Orange Thanos incited a riot. Radicalized 74 million people to frenzy, with a packs of them determined to take over the Capitol Building! The question isn’t why is this man’s social media was taken. The question is, should be, “Why should he be allowed to keep it?”

He was in one of the most powerful, influential places in the world. Access to millions of people at any one time. And he does THIS? No. Accountability has to happen, and it doesn’t matter from where! Twitter. Google. Pintrest. Google. YouTube. Instagram. Man, as of yesterday, the City of New York cancelled all contracts with the Trump Organization! And people he owes money to? Oh, they want their money. And they should get it!

Orange Thanos needs to he held accountable for his actions! He needs to be shown he can’t just do nefarious, wreckless evil things and people look at him like Dennis the Menace! No! Accountability is only becomes an assault when the person being held accountable has never been.

Miss me with this!

If capitalism works for him to grift everyone he can, then accountability is the stop payment on every check his ass can’t cash.

The next time I runitback, ORANGE THANOS WILL BE IN THE SNAP! Do it, oh God! Remember, if you feel you can’t do anymore, or that all efforts are for naught? Remember there is a woman right now that switched her political affiliation on a dating site from Liberal to Conservative, reporting all the MAGA Bros to the FBI. We can all do our part to stop terrorism!

See you next week!

Jerad Alexander (@jerad_alexander) | Twitter

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