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I am angry that Dr. Susan Moore is dead. I am angry that she had to die because she didn’t get the care she received. I am mad that all of 2020 had be in cycle of rage-calm down-write. I have had to breathe through the fire in order to breathe it. When I saw her video, when I saw the New York Times article, when I saw the viral response? I was too angry to write. I was too angry to cry. I was too stunned to do anything but go to work later the next day.

What I want you to know is simple: BELIEVE BLACK WOMEN. Believe Black Women. Believe our pain, our trauma, our voices, and stop trying to minimize our pain because you don’t like how we holler out! Dr. Susan Moore should not be dead. Black girls, Black women are not safe in a world that is hellbent on ignoring them.

Note: Follow here for my reaction to the death of Dr. Susan Moore. The pieces to focus on are THE DEATH OF THE BLACK BODY and Dying In Power (posting 1/3/2021).

#WonderWoman #WonderWoman84 #Superwomen #ForTheCulture #RememberTheOG #LindaCarter #GalGadot #GetIt #PrincessDiana #Amazons #WaitingOnTheThirdMovie

When I saw Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I screamed! I love the fact this character is getting the respect she is due! If DC can keep making Batman movies–and not all of them were great!–why can’t female characters get the same shine? Why can’t Wonder Woman be developed, truly developed into who she really can be? The way I believe that we do that is to go back to source material! Research who the Amazons are, just how BADASS they were! Not all the formidable princesses are bathed in Disney magic! Some of them have swords and magic lassos.

#StimulusMoney #MitchTheBitch #WhoDidThis #WhyArePeoplePlaying #WhatIsGoingOn #WhoGotTheMoney #TheyHaveNoIdea #StopPlayingWithPeople #ThisIsNotTheTime

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I won’t lie to you. I am sitting here in Black Righteousness watching the GOP burn. I am eating popcorn watching it all happen with 19 days till President Biden’s inauguration!

Yet, the one thing that I see that is even more ridiculous, is this $600 the government is trying to give to people whom are so hard behind that they are holding the same end twice! I am have been blessed enough to be halfway current during this pandemic. I have been employed, gas in the car (able to get a car even!), and able to get back and forth to work! To give out of work people SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS, with a pandemic raging over a year? Where the (bleep) do you get the balls to tell the American people ‘This all you get?!’ This is ridiculous! This is aggy as hell! This is raggedy AF! For a global pandemic, the American Senate headed by Mitch McConnell–whom is the Senator over one of poorest states in the Union–said this was okay.

That this was enough.

People are hurting, dying and struggling…and all the government, filled with people whom were elected by common people, said, “We are not giving you anything else. We don’t care.” But the GOP wants to call this ‘God’. Nall, this is capitalism–empowered by white supremacy, avarice and capitalism.

I’m waiting in the lie here…but there isn’t one.

This year we take no prisoners. Still bringing light, heat and smoke. See you next week!

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