Alex Trebek has entered Final Jeopardy, Orange Thanos refuses to concede that he LOST (hit them the hard ‘T’!–ala barr_none on TikTok!), President-elect Joe Biden and the campaign to depose Orange Thanos turned Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona BLUE! Man, if this ain’t proof God exists (and that ghosts are real), I don’t know what else will prove it! AND our girl Megan Thee Stallion has a new album out next week?! Look how God is blessing?!

Let’s get it!

#Election2020 #POTUS #BlackWomen #TheBlueWave #BlackWomen #Superheroes #StaceyAbrams #HereWeGo #FairFight

Black women out here saving the whole wide world again and all over again! What this election has shown me is just how dynamic we are when we come together. And seeing Madam Vice President in her Church Mother White?! Oh, yes! All I could do was think of the words of Maya Angelou: 

“I am the hope, and the dream, of the slave.”

“I come as one, but stand as ten-thousand!”

This year of 2020 has shown us exactly what we need to survive and thrive–each other. Not the bags, not the money, not the cattiness–but each other. This win? This win right here? It belongs to all of us! WE DID THIS!

#JEOPARDY #AlexTrebek #Legacy #LevarBurton #NewHosts #NewThings #FinalJeopardy #WhatNow #NeverBeTheSame

The rolling dumpster fire of 2020 has taken Sean Connery and AND Alex Trebek! I cannot believe this! I am tired of 2020 and we ain’t even at Thanksgiving yet! But with that said, the rumor is Alex Trebek said he thought that a woman should be the next host.

Okay–here for this.

But–Beyonce’s internet is saying LeVar Burton–yes! THAT LEVAR BURTON–GEORDI LA FORGE!–is being tossed around as a new host for JEOPARDY!

Do you not understand how completely dope this is?! How great this is?! How needed this?! How fitting is it to have the man that hosted READING RAINBOW should be hosting this show!

If not LeVar, then–who? I’ll wait.

#QuawanCharles #ThisIsTooMuch #Louisiana #EmmittTill #Justice #Equality #Fight #BLM #SayHisName

I am tired of adding to this never ending death roster of hashtags! Quawan “Bobby” Charles was 15 and found dead in a sugar cane field in rural Louisiana!

Already suspicious, Torches!

The coroner said he drowned. The car he was in smelled like bleach! The people he was ‘with’ are moving. The police will not investigate, there was no Amber Alert issued…and it just goes on.

My oldest child is 2 years younger than he was. And the more I hear about the story, the angrier I get! And, to be honest Torches? I have seen the photos. that young man was mutilated–like Emmitt Till was.

Someone knows what happened to him. And to the anonymous woman that called Quawan’s mother, Roxanne? You are equivalent to the people that killed him! Keep that same energy and tell the police (who these people obviously know!), and tell them what happened! Just like at the end of the John Grisham movie A Time To Kill, when the lawyer for Mr. Healy said, “Pretend the child is white.”

The countdown begins, Torches! What are y’all wearing to the Inauguration Party? Haaay!

See y’all next week!

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