Sorry for that late posting, darling Torches. Life is hectic. -JBHarris

So many things are happening, Torches! No sassy intro, let’s get it!

#IceCube #HowSway #ElectionDay #HowLongLord #HeKnewBetter #YouCantFixThis #NallOG

O’Shea Jackson, the scariest member of NWA, and the first rapper after Eazy-E whose raps I had memorized, is working with Orange Thanos! I cannot! How can this be?! Does the OG think we are stupid?! There is a stench to this I cannot walk away from, nor will I. The thing is, this motherbanger is not honest about anything, and there is no hope in him that even a fool would have! So, why would Ice Cube–ICE CUBE!–the dude that knew what a monster a ruthless white man could be. Why would he think the ‘Platinum Plan’ could work or would come to the collective consciousness of Blackness without us not saying anything? Nall, OG. You finna answer to this–and we ain’t here for what you were trying to do. Lucifer was only trying to take over Heaven, and we see what that got him. No matter what NETFLIX says to the contrary.

#LovecraftCountry #HBO #WhatToWatchNow #SeasonOneDoe #WhoWasReady #IAintReady #WhatToWatchNow #OohWhee

So, Lovecraft Country has taken over the world. Rightfully so, though! It is smartly written, intelligent, and layered–oh how it is layered! The show is loosely based on the book, but I am glad of this! I am glad that a Black woman is at the head of it! I am glad the genius of geeky, nerdy Blackness permeates it! I am glad this show exists! Now, have I seen it? No. This is not for the want of it, or any other misplaced desire to see it. I just want to be able to watch and dissect it without the collective emotional spasms at the end of weekly shows! Man, look!  I already have so much to say about the dichotomy of Ruby/Hillary! But, I digress. Wish me luck, fam.

#ToreyLanez #Whoooo #Nall #ForeverMeg #MeganTheeStallion #WeComeForTheKnees #MeganJovonRuthPete #MeganIsAMood

Don’t think I feel bad for this Super Mario shaped mushroom! I don’t feel bad that he might be going to jail for pulling a gun on a Black woman, proceeding to shoot her! I do not feel bad for him! Do not ask me to feel bad for an abuser–cause I don’t! As a survivor of IPV, the part of me that remembers when the man who said he loved me–who tried to kill me–all too well. Nall. I don’t feel bad for him. I do no feel bad for him. My allegiance lies with Megan Jovon Ruth Pete. Don’t ask me again.

I’ll do better next week loves, I promise. Till then, remember:

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