RUNITBACK FRIDAY 10/2/2020 (late posting 10/5/2020)

*Note: I am sorry this uploaded blank! The night I was supposed to put this up I was working, and didn’t get a chance to finish. Sorry, Torches! Maybe enjoy this over coffee this morning. -JBHarris

We are a little under 100 days until 2020 is over, so there are still multiple games of 2020 Apocalyptic Bingo to play! Orange Thanos got ‘Rona, Melanoma got ‘Rona, and busted out by her ‘friend’ on tape! Alternative Facts Hellkeeper Barbie got that ‘Rona, and nobody is wearing masks! The toll for this pandemic in the US is over 200,00 people! And rising! Meanwile Jaime Harris, soon to be Senator of South Carolina (I’m claiming it!) is giving haymakers to Lindsey ‘SoftAs’ Graham Crackers!

Let’s get it!

#ChicksAndRoosting #MalcolmToldYall #NotWishingDeath #StandBackStandBy #WhoShocked #NotI #ThisDoesNotBodeWell #IsThisYourKing

I can be a believer in Christ and not be played. Am I shocked that Orange Thanos is ill? No. As of this posting, is medical staff at Walter Reed has thrown everything but fence posts at him to save his life. What is being reported is incomplete, and doesn’t make sense! The drugs they are giving him are not given to people whom have a ‘mild case’ of the Coronavirus. No vitals have been released, but yet these cronies are out here making Instagram stories about how ‘well’ he is doing–the gag is this pictures were taken before he went transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center. The same place he told his goons to run and get his medical records from so no one would know he had some mini-strokes! Y’all cannot be serious about wanting people to believe this!

There are people that I know whom think this is all a stunt and he really isn’t sick. My response is neither would surprise me. Personally, I think the doofus has an underlying heart condition and him LEAVING QUARANTINE TO WAVE AT SUPPORTERS shows you just how serious he takes this! It tells you just how flippant he is, and it shows just how great a job his parents did raising this toxic human being!

I mean, riddle me this: How does one get sick from something you believe doesn’t exist? I’ll wait.

#JaimeHarrison #SendLindseyHome #Debates #SouthCarolina #ThereNeedsToBeChange #LindseyGrahamIsABum #ItsAboutTheIssues #WhatIsReallyGoingOn #DonateToTheJaimeHarrisCampaign

I saw Lindsey Graham crying on Faux News about him not having enough campaign donations to beat Jaime Harrison. He has said multiple times that people ‘hate me’, as to why people are donating to Jaime Harrison rather than him. At this point? After the last four years? With Evil Right trying to push through this chief Handmaiden to the SCOTUS rather than trying to help the American people whom are trying to live, work, feed kids and not die from something folk said didn’t exist–which clearly does! Yes, Lindsey they do hate you–just like the entire Evil Right hated President Obama! Miss me with this misplaced indignation.

At this point, South Carolina got two options–keep Lindsey Graham and know he will never do anything but keep a seat warm. Or vote for someone that actually knows what it takes to move a state forward with the resources needed.

Donate to Jaime Harrison’s campaign! I did!

#RegisterToVote #WatchTheRolls #NotYourPollingPlace #KeepYourRegistrationCard #MakeTimeToVote #TheyArePurgingVoters #MakeSureYourIDIsValid #TheyArePlayingDirty

I checked my voter registration (Torches are voters!). And I found out that I was not ‘found’ registered at my current address–even though I have a current voter registration card! I am now in process of making sure my name is on the roster of registered voters for my state! As should all of you! These people are not playing! The goal of this election is to allocate and centralize power on all hands–saying it is the most godly thing one can do!

Let me tell you something, Torches! You have a right to have your voice be heard! You have the right to vote, that people died to give you! There is a reason these type of tactics happen! There is a reason why the Electoral College needs to be abolished and the popular vote be the law of the land! You need to be aware that there are forces at work whom desire all minority people to either be marginalized, neutralized or dead! One of the best ways to do that is to limit their access to voting or any political process!

Vote! Don’t say it doesn’t matter! If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t work so hard to make sure that you couldn’t!

The country needs to stop pretending everyone is equal, talking points are legislation, and the right for all people to vote is not required! The time is now, Torches. No one is going to fight for us unless we ourselves fight first.

I’ll do better with the 10/9/2020 RUNITBACK FRIDAY. In the meantime, wash your hands, social distance, don’t be afraid of racists, and wear your mask OVER your mouth and nose. It doesn’t work if you just have over your mouth–it looks like your into kink that way. Just sayin’…

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