It is the birthday of our Queen Bee, and the world is still burning down! Well, let us get ready for these social distance barbeques, and play Black Parade! I’m ready for it! Motherland, Motherland drip on me!

Let’s get it!

#MissingChad #ChadwickBoseman #Monuments #CelebrationOfLife #StillHurts #ThereIsLegacyHere #Immortality #BlackPanther #AllHailTheKing

Can you believe that Chadwick Boseman has only been gone from us a week? A WEEK? These have been the longest–THEE LONGEST!–seven days. What I have seen through these days is just how underestimated this young man was. How talented! And now, how missed. I have cried, I have wondered, and I have smiled. Sometimes all in the same day. I have found magazine covers I squirrelled away with his image on them, oddly comforted with his eyes and photographic presence. I have been so humbled by the legacy he left—and did so full of passion and strength. It is amazing to have been alive to see this. Even in the midst of all of this crazy, there is a sweetness to it. There is a indeed a morning in all this mourning. I still think we have been cheated. There was so much more he could have done! But, we have been so blessed.

#JurneeSmollett #LovecraftCountry #HBO #GoodWriting #OohWhee #YallWatching #ImWatching

JURNEE SMOLLETT NEEDS ALL THE AWARDS! ALL THE SHINE! ALL THE EVERYTHING! Whatever it is that makes one so engaging and talented and irresistible, she has! I haven’t seen Lovecraft Country on HBO yet, but I am anxious to catch up (I think we are on Episode 4 now)! I have read the book, and cannot recommend it enough. From the spoilers and posts that I have seen, I am ready for all of this.. Lovecraft Country is what we are living through right now. So, if the ancestors can do it and thrive? So will–so must–we.

#KingBey #HappyBirthdayBeyonce #Vision #Passion #Talent #PUSH #QueenBee #MotherlandDripOnMe #TheNala #Legacy #BlueRumiSirMama

I am late the BeyHive. I work PRN at the front desk of it. In the last four years, I have respected her as a woman, and as an artist. When I heard Lemonade, I had to check to make sure I still had my own edges! I have grown to respect her, to revere her–and STAN her. It’s beyond her being pretty. I am a fan of her because of the woman she is becoming. How she is becoming both transparent and private–right before our eyes. She is not the same girl that was in Bills, Bills, Bills. She has become a force of nature, a mother, a mogul…and a mood. Wishing her ‘Happy Birthday’ feels both trite and incredible. I cannot wait to see what else she will do next. She is almost 40, and ain’t hit her stride yet. But, she has found her place–complete with crown.

Black folk are lit. Black Lives Matter. See y’all next week!


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