So, Kanye is a double agent, The Mad Titan is clearly refusing all medication, people made about having WAP, kids going back to school without masks, but still get sent home about clothes due to ‘dress code’ violations’, Lovecraft Country is about to be a WHOLE experience, and Cori Bush beat Lazy Lacy Clay! Whew!

Let’s get it!

#Vote #NoMoreTricks #LokiRunning2020 #RegisterToVote #HowLongTillNovember #86DaysOut

We are 86 days out from the most important election since the inception of this nation! I cannot stress this enough. We are on the verge on the most insistent, deliberate coup by a group of folk hellbent(!) on hanging on to power. This neither a drill, nor an exaggeration. I need you all to understand that no one is coming to save us–unless it ourselves. Register to vote, check your voter roll for your state. Make sure that your name and vote registration card match. I cannot believe that I have to say this, but DO NO VOTE FOR KANYE WEST! DO NOT VOTE FOR KANYE WEST!

#WAP #TheRealest #MeganTheeStallion #CardiB #Sexuality #OwnYourBody #OwnYourWAP #ISaidWhatISaid #IfYouComplainingAboutThisItsDAPEnergy

I saw the video, I downloaded the song. I twerked along with it and to it. Look, I am almost 40. I grew up with Freak Like Me, Pull Up to My Bumper and There’s Some Hoes In This House, and every nasty song you could clown to from the No Limit Record label! I even knew about Freaknik–and this was high school! Imma need y’all to stop this! I really do. Whenever women like sex, rap about it, sing about it–everyone wanna clutch their pearls! Everyone is upset! Now, it’s a whole group of folk (that may secretly watch porn or buy WAP!) aghast that Cardi and Meg are rapping about how bomb there sex is when men have been doing it SINCE FOREVER! The double standard with this is a blatant as a renege in Spades! Grown women have WAP, and enjoy using it! I know I do! And you can’t have listened Too $hort, know all the words to COCKTALES, and then call women ‘whores’ for appreciating this song. I bet it’s a whole lot of men that got caught up in WAP, and kept getting pulled back into crazy situations or back with crazy baby mamas or exes because of WAP! I said what I said. Some of y’all are just bi-polar, repressed and don’t give/get head. Grow up.

#Masks #Protection #Safety #DressCodes #HowWeAboutToDoThis #WhatWeNotFinnaDo #TheVirusIsNotAGame

So, there was a student at a high school in Georgia this week that took a picture of her school’s hallway. No one had on a mask. Why? The administration said they couldn’t ‘enforce’ wearing a mask. Hmm. But, schools want to enforce how girls dress to keep the imaginations of ill-bred boys away? Make it make sense! And then to suspend her for showing this photo?! Georgia must have stock in being trifling and backwards! You don’t want to make kids put masks on during a global pandemic, but admin would send a girl home to CHANGE because of her outfit. You can’t make this isht up. I hope her suspension is overturned–and she go to school outta state. This is trash.

I know that these last two weeks RIBF has been late, but bear with me—life is coming fast and changing quicker than right now. See y’all next week!

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