Note: At the time of this posting, it is with heavy heart we report the passing of Civil Rights Icon, Congressman John Lewis (D-GA).

Whew! This week has been so trash, I don’t know where to start. Mango Lildick doesn’t want to do a federal order for masks, Tomato Lemon’s Barbie twin Press Secretary, says “science shouldn’t get in the away of opening schools”, Missouri governor Mike ‘We don’t care if the kids get COVID” Parsons KNOWS kids will get COVID, and they ‘will recover at home’, but people want to trip about Cardi B getting her daughter a pink Birkin bag for a birthday present! Chile, look.

Let’s get it!

#SchoolDaze #ThisAintItChief #RemoteLearning #ItsAboutMoney #MakeNoMistake #WatchTheMoneyMovers #ClockDollars #NotMyBabies #WhoWroteThis #ThisCannotBeLife

I have school-aged children, and I live in a red state. That state happens ot be Missouri. This week, our governor proved he doesn tnot give a damn–not one damn!–about the children whom live here–regardless of race. The fact this governor, and the league or Extraordinary Evil Gentileman he works with, are okay with sending thousands of children back to school in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC  shows you all you need to know! I mean let’s be serious a moment. When Adam Lanza walked into that Newtown Elementary School and killed children under 10–with an AR-15 assault rifle!–the federal government (backed and empowered by the hell-breathed power that is the NRA and GOP), did nothing! What makes you all think they would do something now? I need you all to know what is really going on here! They people do not care about anyone! At all! Especially people that don’t have any money, and aren’t white! There are schools/school districts that are offering remote learning, and I urge all parents than can to do this option!

#SnatchInGrab #BlackVans #WhatBookIsThis #TheGestapoForReal #BeCareful #WatchTheCircles #ThisManIsCrazy #TheyWillKillUsAllToMakeSureTheyBagIsSecured #StayWoke #ThisIsNotADrill

To my protesting family:  BE CAREFUL! As my friend in the movement says often, “Trust, but verify!” You need to understand that we are fighting against a diet authoritarian regime! So for these goons to come to Oregon, and start PUTTING PROTESTORS IN THESE VANS?! Be aware of where you are; be knowledgeable of all exits within a particular protest space; be aware of all organizers of a particular action; have 3-4 trusted people know where you are in case something happens to you! In Oregon, these protests were peaceful! This man does not like to be challenged, questioned and will do all in his power to do what he wants–because there is no other recourse! Be careful, family.  Please–be careful.

#TheBurningOfAtlanta #WhoWillSaveTheSouth #IsItIT #KeishaLanceBottoms #YouCannotMakeThisUp #ThisIsMadness #HowLongOhLord #SuingCauseYouMad

Keisha Lance Bottoms is the mayor of Atlanta. This city is in the state of Georgia. This state is in the American South. The South right now is under siege from COVID-19. Governor Kemp (who stole the gubernatorial election from Stacey Abrams!)–who is a total MAGA disciple!–wants to SUE the mayor of Atlanta–a Black woman!–for making masks mandatory. He doesn’t think they should be FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA! I cannot believe that this is happening! I cannot believe that we are still having conversations about masks, COVID-19’s virulence, and the need for leadership at the national level! How is this still happening?! Other than…those in power do not care. They cannot care! They can only conceive that if the kids don’t go back to school, there will be no money. I have never seen anything so asinine and evil. Mayor Lance Bottoms called this lawsuit ‘bizzare (UNDERSTATEMENT!)’, yet said–“We will see you in court.” You cannot make 2020 up. A mayor of a major US city, has to FIGHT with the governor of the state a city was built in, to try and protect its citizenry. But here come these people whom are content to pick the pocket of the poor while washing the blood off the money….

This week my dear Torches, I remind you to take care of yourselves and register to vote! This regime will not be shamed into to doing right, so they must be deposed! Check on your polling site, make sure your identification is current, and vote!

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