Admin note: This is NSFW. Trust me. See the video respsonse on IG (@theidealfirestarterofficial) -JBHarris

This inaugural Talk About It Tuesday comes from the Twitter account HBCU Confessions:

First, thing first– no one is three weeks pregnant. No one. Wait a couple more weeks and take another pregnancy test–either on campus if that option is available, or take one off campus with some people you trust. If the result is positive, make the necessary decisions to either prepare to be a mother, or consider other options.

Second, this dude is trifling as a funky dog sitting on your couch. He just is! and the fact he called you ‘a hoe’ after you had sex with him–who was a known cheater!–is mind-boggling. Toxic masculinity is a thing, and makes the participants just as toxic! My advice is if you wind up not being pregnant, to make STD testing a part of your Well-Woman Exams–and make regular testing something you do for the next 6 months-2 years. You don’t who this dog was dealing with! So, protect yourself dear one.

Also, if you plan on having casual sex, make sure you have your own condom stash! If the guy you wanna smash doesn’t have any, and is feeling way about using the intact Durex/Trojans (whatever brand you like) you have? Then, you already know the dog you trying to pet!

Don’t be afraid to take charge of your sexual health, dear one. And remember “No” is a complete sentence.

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