The coronavirus is spreading slowly through the United States, the President doesn’t believe in science, NeNe Leakes said Wendy Williams stopped her from getting her own show, there is more child porn on R. Kelly’s computer, Lizzo talmbout the innanet is airbrushing her curves, Public Enemy FIRED Flavor Flav, and Senator Elizabeth Warren is no longer running for President—because toxic patriarchy superpowered by sexism is trash!

Buckle up, let’s get it!

#PublicEnemy #FiredForOpinions #BernieBros #HereWeGo #DoNotBeTricked #FightThePower #FightThePowersThatBe #TheSetUpIsInFullEffect #GoldTeethAndBigClocksCannotFixThis

Flavor Flav is unemployed.

Not VH1 unemployed, but like fired from his primary job–hype man for Public Enemy. Bruh! I am old enough to remember just how REALLY crazy acting Flavor Flav was! I mean, this is the same dude that had TWO shows and birthed the succubus that is Tiffany “New York” Pollard! For this, if just this, I will never forgive him.

I thought it was dope that the Bernie Sanders campaign hired Public Enemy! All I could do is hear Fight The Power in my head. It was going to be sooo dope, right? Chuck D, Flav, real 90s hip-hop—-BEYOND LIT!

That is until Flav said he didn’t want to be part of his “fake revolution”. And he got FIRED! Bruh! There is so much happening! So much happening! I heard this and my head spun! All I have are questions!

And questions for those questions!

Why invite Flav? Why fire him? Who fired him? What did Senator say? Did he start this? Did they run him his check? Are there more of these rally concerts planned? Who is replacing Flav? Does PE even take applications?

This too much!

#Coronavirus #WashYourHands #TheSpread #Science #ScienceIsReal #NowDoYouBelieveScienceIsReal #BeCleanAndBeSeen #SoapAndWaterMinistry #Bleach #Lysol #Purell

Man! I am not one to be hype up the people for paranoia. What I am going to do is what I always do—help. Look, I know this virus is getting crazy right now, the Clown-In-Chief can’t take toilet paper off his shoe, so how do you think this situation will be handled?


What I will tell you all AGAIN is (1) believe science, (2) don’t fall prey to xenophobia regarding this situation and (3) wash your hands! The best way to cut down transmission of any virus or bacteria is hand washing.

30 seconds. Sing Happy Birthday in your head or Elevators by OutKast. Lysol and bleach still work wonders! Change your sheets on your bed if you were sick! And no outside clothes on the bed!

Ok’ skool methods still work.

#NeNeLeakes #WendyWilliams #ThatsWhatSheGet #ItBeYoOwnPeople #BuildAndDestroy #EverybodyNeedToStop #EverybodyTrippin #MakeItMakeSense #TheyDeserveEachOther

NeNe Leakes is a dark skinned Evil-Lynn Lozada. So the fact she and Wendy Williams are beefing about this? Chile. I am not surprised. I’m really not! These dames make my head hurt. They truly do…

Do I think that I Wendi stopped her from getting her talk show? I think she might have had a hand in it. I think NeNe’s personality and extra bravado wrote a check her a— couldn’t cash! Wendi got her show—hanging by a thread!—so I don’t see her putting and pushing all her clout by behind stopping another woman from getting an opportunity! But I do see Wendi being petty enough to indirectly stop a chick from getting eating everything she can—not stop her eating completely!

The indirect hater is more dangerous than any hater whom can be identified. As my grandmother and mother tell me, which I remind you now: Watch how you treat people, you never know who you might need.

And a bitter bit-h got a long memory.

Remember that.

My closing thoughts for this week are as follows:

Wash your hands. Science and God are both real. Support ambitious women. Love a thick girl. See y’all next week!

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