Impostor Syndrome: The Fear Of Where (Who) You Are

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impostor syndrome:

  1. the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.”people suffering from impostor syndrome may be at increased risk of anxiety”

Have you ever felt where you are is not where you should be? As if you couldn’t have really been here by your own merit? As if who you are, isn’t who you are?

This is equivalent to being lost in an open field at noon! You see where you are, know that you somehow got there by your own will, but you still feel like you should not–cannot–be there.

Impostor syndrome is the hyper-fear that you cannot be what you, achieve what you have, because you aren’t good enough.

This syndrome, this fear is insidious and will allow you never see joy or satisfaction in anything that you do–or could dream of doing! It is a intraspective paralytic! And those of us whom have the most to do, whom have the most they desire to do suffer from this!

Myself included.

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For me? This manifests as ticking off boxes: everything is on a list. Everything is important, and despite all my effort–and validated success!–I feel that it isn’t good enough. That what I am doing isn’t good enough. That I am not worthy of what is happening in my life.

Impostor syndrome is like being your own doppelganger. You are literally thinking you are your own evil twin! You think that what you are doing, you cannot be capable of doing and it paralyzes you from doing anything else!

This type of fear causes unprecedented anxiety to the point you will forfeit anything you desire to do! This type of fear is detrimental to whom you are as a individual–and catostroophic to anything you want to do professionally.

It’s like swimming with weights with your eyes closed.

The quickest way to kill any dream is to stop looking at it. The quickest way to stop any progress is to stop moving! Impostor syndrome is conquered by support, rest and progress–even if it is incremental!

Three things to remember to conquer this:

Celebrate the wins. Hard work requires celebration. Don’t be ashamed to brag on what you did.

Take a deep breath. You have the right to rest–you need to rest! There is more to life than checking boxes. Take time to live the life you have rather than sacrificing what you have (on a consistent basis!) to the life you see in a future!

Realize that success is a journey, not a sprint. Make your plans and stick to it. Do the small things first, rather can chomping to swallow big pieces! If you do a little towards a your goal–you are easing yourself into the spaces you desire to be.

You deserve to be there–because you earned it.

The next time those impostors speak it you, try to scare you, shut them up by keep going. One step at a time.

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