Happy Friday the 13th!

Felicity Huffman got 14 days in jail for trying to get her child in a school she could pay for! Beto O’Rourke got threatened by a Texas politician who is mad about his penis size and has to have an AR-15! Orange Thanos forgot Barron is his son (I mean, is he?!). The Vampire Diaries premiered almost a decade ago this week, and Julian Castro let Joe Biden HAVE it during the debates!

Let’s get it!

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Warning: Imma go in.

I am a cisgender heterosexual woman, married to a cisgender heterosexual man.

That said, I barely watch/listen to The Breakfast Club unless it’s someone I truly want to hear. I think the show can be problematic. But to be honest? I didn’t like how The Breakfast Club did Janet Mock, and how Lil Duval referred to her in an interview that same week.

Google her. I don’t have time to catch you up!

While people are stressing over Malik Yoba, him admitting to be involved with a transwoman, Imma need y’all focus! His manhood should not be in question because he likes or was involved with a transwoman! Stop that shit!

In this interview, flanked by Nala Simone Toussaint (she SOUND like a superhero!), he took correction and the lead from her and the other young man whom corrected his vocabulary regarding LGBTQIA people. Good, this is dope and needed.

What got me was when Diamond Stylz (host of Marsha’s Plate—follow it!) was snapping! I mean she was snapping on The Twitter about getting past vernacular and semantics to address the murder of transwomen.

Bruh! I agree! There were two murders of transwomen in the same week not even a whole two weeks ago! Imma need people to stop saying transwomen are out here tricking people, or they deserve what they get or misgendering people for laughs and shit, Dave Chappelle!

You cannot love POSE on FX, ugly cried when Candy died, and not be vocal about other people being murdered because of who they are.

I promise you, don’t come for me unless I send. Y’all gon leave these women alone! If a transwoman ain’t tell you who she is (as far as being cis or trans) she has a reason—but you don’t kill her for it! Who is raising these monsters?!

If it got to the point y’all were feeling on each other and naked, and she tells you or you stumble across something and she tell you—or don’t tell you!—just like you got nakkid to stroke, you can get unnakkid to leave.

Killing a transwoman is not an answer or an option.

Look for my whole opinion on this matter Saturday, September 14, 2019, on I Breathe Fire. Click here to follow that space.

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I thought this (bleep) was gon walk scot-free! No lie. This whole college cheating scandal is out of a James Patterson book. People with gobs of money, paying gobs of money, to people who only want money, to institutions who do not question where the money comes from!

You don’t hustle backwards!

It boggles my mind what folk with real money do with it! Meanwhile if she were Felicia Hoffman or Felicity Hernandez who used her parents’s address to enroll her kids into a better school, with more resources? She would be accused of stealing an education and locked up.

Sounds about white.

#Ohio #OfCourseHerNameIsBrooke #IThinkSheLied #WhiteFolkStrikeAgain #WatchWhitenessWork #WhiteAndBlondeIsTheColorOfJustice

“My belly is back, OMG. I am never, ever, ever, ever letting it get like this again. You’re about to see me looking freaking better than before, OMG,”

Brooke Skylar Richardson texted this exact message to her mother within hours of giving birth to a stillborn baby. Look. I have given birth—twice!—it’s not activity where you can jump up afterwards! Let alone go to a gym! Epinephrine is a lotta things but it ain’t a Super Serum!

This girl was only outed by a doctor at the clinic where she took her pregnancy test! Why? She showed up with no baby. When asked? She did what all basic White girls do—she cried.

Now, I don’t wanna hear that she was traumatized. I don’t wanna hear that she was young! She’s only 20 now! The story goes, her story goes, that she got pregnant by a dude whom she wanted nothing to do with; she just couldn’t have this baby.


Now, every woman has a right to make decisions regarding her sexual health. Every woman has the right to choose whether or not she wants to be pregnant or remain pregnant!

This blanquita had options!

And access to options!

But the baby was born dead?! Aight. My observation is this:

When your child is scared to come to you, or you shame them about sex or their body, things like this happen.

There is no reason that this should have occurred! None. We can debate till the Lord’s return over whether or not this baby girl—named Annabelle—was born alive or dead. The fact that she buried the child in the backyard, texted her mother about her belly, showed up at the doctor’s with no baby? And they find the dead child 2 months later?

It’s too much.

Maybe the jury didn’t convict her because they reminded them of her daughter. And that was too much—just like when White officers kill Black mothers and fathers. When White faces mirror one another from across courtrooms, there seems to be an acknowledgment, a perversion of I Am We.

Justice can’t interfere with power, right?

Darlings, I know it looks dark. I admonish you to take care of you first before anyone else. You need you too. See you next week!

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