Here we go, y’all! Cory Booker talmbout Kool-Aid, Orange Thanos is claiming he will be able to cure childhood cancer, AIDS and common sense! Kamala Harris is looking presidential and problematic, Build-A-Bear has a Deadpool, and the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. has been recruited by Kanye and the Sunken Place.

Let’s get it!

#BenCarson #Baltimore #LetTheChurchSay #Amen #PutDemonsOut #ICanGetBehindThis #MorningStarBaptistChurchOfChrist

I have never been partial to posers. I like liars less. And people who take advantage of other people are the worse kind of cowards! Ben Carson is a Frankenstein Black man! This type of Black man is created when Black men defend white supremacy and their complacency within that system! I’m glad the church put him and his henchmen off their property! I’m glad one of the church members told the local news that he’s garbage! How are you the whole Secretary of HUD, spending tax dollars on dining rooms and dishwashers—while having grown up in public housing!—with no desire to improve conditions of those in it! And use the backdrop of a church in an impoverished area to prop up your propaganda?!

I need more churches to follow suit. I need the church to realize its power and influence to help right this ship! And it starts by knocking over these idols! One Frankenstein at a time.

#EricGardner #ICantBreathe #FTP #BlackLivesMatter #Racism #NYPD #NYPDMurderedEricGarner

Five years. FIVE YEARS!

This officer whom will not get the respect of his name in print, has now been suspended from the force. I am of the mindset of Eric’s daughter, Emerald Garner: ‘it’s five years too late.’

Eric is still dead. NYPD is one of the most corrupt outfits in law enforcement! Second only to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, I’m sure! But know that he didn’t put him him in an illegal chokehold to subdue him! I know that I have been both Black and woman long enough to know police brutality is a plague. As long as the powers that be protect, minimize and ignore what power in the hands of gorillas with licenses to kill will do! Till then? FTP.

#Dodgeball #WTH #GymClassHeroes #ChargesForWhatNow #WhoIsRaisingTheseKidsFam #LordComeQuick

Tell me how a 10-year-old gets hemmed up for a Dodgeball game! Please tell me how this little boy he hit with this ball was even allowed to play?! How is this life right now?! Seeing this Black boy, next to his mother, on the news, because of a game? And hitting a little White boy?

Whew. When I tell you I cannot! I cannot! And this little boy’s Mama wants to stay anonymous? Anonymous?! But you wanna ruin a 10-year-old Black child’s life because you think your son was unfairly targeted because he has a medical condition?! Here’s a thought! If your child has it that rough, they need to be in a bubble—in your house. There’s nothing remotely okay about what she did!

The fact this was even a case to be brought, and then be dropped? It shows the causal association of law enforcement in the lives of Black and Brown children. They can’t even play without something bogus happening!

Just…ooh whee.

Register to vote, dear ones! Don’t let this world stay the same and add no change! It’s activism month, find something for your passion and hands to do!

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