I want you to now this nation does not care about women. It ever has. I want you to know that money is a tool that greases the world. And this machine, powered by avarice, consumes women and girls.

Especially, girls.

Now, I agree with my blogging sister, Hannah Drake*, that this machine has disproportiantely consumed the lives of Black women and girls. It has always seen us as a chattel commodity. We have always been the fodder and basis for it. Our mothers. Their mothers. Our beauty, strength and ability to keep going they steal and call it ‘resilience’ because ‘strength under consistent destruction of life, body and personhood devoid of outside assistance or validation’ doesn’t roll off the tongue.

However, there an element to this Jeffrey Epstein case that I cannot help but think drives the point home–if not right into the faces of this MAGA women. To the women that think that their whiteness and womanhood are pristine and irrevocable. That think that because they are descended from the ‘right’ type of White folk, nothing bad can or will happen to them. Also, and anything that happens to ‘those lower others’ it is deserved and will not effect their daughters.

Oh! How the mighty have fallen!

From the deals cut to assure this man would never see justice, to the fact his picture is all over the world? With a tipline? With the good porn in the safe? I need the rest of the remaining rational world to see this. The powerful only care about power and it’s trappings. It never occurred to this monster these girls were someone else’s children.

Daughters. Sisters. Friends.

That’s the thing about this imposed chastity this nation loves to give girls. Once they are seen as able to be desirable, their innocence is gone. Once a man can feasibly grope her, visualize her in something skimpy, sexy or unclad she can no longer be a girl. Moreover, ‘good girls’ don’t find themselves in situations where their chastity should be questioned, right?

The story is always more interesting when the monsters look like you.

Make no mistake, I want Jeffrey Epstein to rot in federal prison. I want R. Kelly held accountable. I want Harvey Weinstein in jail! I want women to matter—all women. I want women to become valued, beyond sexual acrobatics or proclivity. I desire women to matter.

While the starched corseted White Femme belles were looking, watching and lying on everyone not like them—seems the real monsters were in plan sight. And they did nothing; they weren’t their daughters. But now that these young girls look like could be? I wonder can something now be done.

Blackness can’t be blamed for this one. But I wonder if the adage out of sight, out of mind fits.

*If you do nothing else cool or worthy today, follow the brilliant Hannah Drake over at Write Some Shit. Follow over there, by clicking here. She, too, is young, gifted and Black while trying to deal with the fuckshit.

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