No witty, sardonic intro this week. The world is on fire! When you have Bill Nye, the Science Guy in these streets wylin’? You know it’s a problem, fam! You know it’s a problem! Resist! Resist! Resist!

#Abortion #HeartbeatBill #ToxicPatriarchyIsSustainedByComplicitWomen #Alabama #DontAskHow #ProLife #ProBirth #ProLife

The questionable state of Alabama makes me wonder what is in the water. It really does! The state that ranks last to dead last in healthcare, poverty and education is in no position to dictate the functionality of sex or whose body parts from whomever go into another’s parts wherever!

I talked about this full force in the Firestarter Hotsheet out this week. There is a vehement hatred of women and children in this bill. It permeates through the state. The gubernatorial body of this state is consumed with power at the cost of critical thinking!

What you cannot do is dictate what I will and won’t do in my body that you as a man need a book, porn and Google to understand! In the immortal words of Nina Simone (with one word changed):


#Missouri #RapeIsNotSex #Lies&Tales #ConsensualSexIsAnAlternativeFact #MississippiNorth #EvilInThisMuddyWater

Consensual rape is not sex.

Rape is rape is rape.

After Todd Akin said “legitimate rape” I didn’t think Missouri could stoop any lower. I won’t even print this idiot’s name on my platform. Rape is not a political football. It is the taking of someone’s body by force, without consent, and violating them. You take their body–it’s about power. It’s always been about power and domination. I think this State representative is mistaking his facts for personal kink.

There is no way in the world–I don’t get it! A friend of mine, my best friend, asked me this via my personal Facebook inbox:

“Why does this state hate women?”

And I answered her as only a Firestarter could. I told her that ‘pussy is now for purchase and profit. I have never felt more like a cow than I do right now.’ And I meant that! This quote summed it up:

Lance is a man.

Lance respects women.

Lance let’s women make their own decisions.

Be like Lance.

#DontSleep #Craziness #ClimateChange #Resist #OnFire #PayAttention #Subpoenas #Felonies #CrimeSyndicates

You know what crossed up Al Capone?

Tax evasion.

I have to keep that in mind when I hear heads of the federal government offices rebuff subpoenas! Like telling the son of a sitting president not to honor a summons to Congress. Asking the current Speaker Of the House if she has handcuffs?

Like..:this is beyond privilege at the point. This is the slow slide to fascism! The President is not a king. But these mofos can’t stomach the fact this nation can be, should be equal. That law still operates and applies.

Tax evasion.

Bill Nye is out here doing his part telling us to ‘grow upand pay attention. He’s right! The ocean is a trash heap, the temps are soaring, the ice caps are melting and this POS-POTUS is in favor of starting wars-and walking it back.

It’s sad, really. The only hope these White folk have is in a man that anyone has worked in healthcare will tell is ailing. But that doesn’t excuse it. These people need a god that they can see and the one they need? They won’t listen to because they wouldn’t let him on Fox News.


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