Michael Cohen is the best kind of snitch, Billy Porter is snatching edges, wigs and waist trainers and Green Book is not, was not the Best Picture of 2018. No matter, let’s get it!

#ProppingUpBS #LynneAWholeMammy #MichaelCohen #TruthTellin #GetAllOfEm #ThisLikeAWalterPaytonTakeDown #WhereReggieWhite #MinistryOfDefense #TheyNeedJesusOnCallForThisHere

I don’t know what to classify Lynne Patton’s Blackness as. The fact that she allowed herself to be a prop in a congressional hearing and think nothing of it? Nah, sis. I mean what was that internal dialogue?! I mean Rep. Meadows had her standing there, next to him, saying what a ‘close, personal friend’ she was of the Tr*mp family and why he couldn’t be racist.

Bruh. I don’t even know where to begin.

The fact, the crux of the matter is President is a criminal. He does criminal shit. The people around him do criminal shit. Now one liar is trying to tell a bunch of other liars that the chief liar is a bigger liar than they thought! But because lying is no longer a problem, the Congress full of liars, don’t care.

Liars love to exploit people. So why should Lynne be different?

#LyinWonders #StopPlayingWithGod #ResurrectionIsAHopeNotAParlorTrick #PeopleAreAmazing #IDoNotGetIt #Maranatha


I make no mistake about my faith and what I believe Christ can do. Or how marvelous God is. So to see someone of the ecclesia openly mock God by pretending to perform (because that’s what it was, a performance!) a resurrection from the dead? I wanted to slap everyone there.

The power of God is not wizardry. People being raised from the dead is not something to play with. It makes me so angry, so sad and so frustrated. Jesus Christ is not Merlin from the King Arthur stories.

#MoMoChallenge #Demons #YouTube #Kids #Evil #Why #Nonsense #LemmeFindOut #NotMyBabies #OrYours

I heard about this challenge this week. Supposedly, it’s reported there is this suicide challenge being inserted in YouTube videos?! And kids are being told not to tell their parents otherwise this monster named MoMo would come and get them. As of this posting, this ‘challenge’ proved to be viral hoax. Y’all already know what I don’t play about kids.

When I heard this, I didn’t want to believe it. But the world is an evil, sinister place. I put nothing past anyone. Even the people that do the sweet YouTube videos. But to lie about kids committing suicide, with such an uptick happening right now? Nall. You have to be a special type of evil to concoct it and implement it—even as a hoax.

This week I am overjoyed at the thought the President will go to jail and all his assets, frozen and all his kids thrown in the clink with him. We might JUST survive. Now, to get Flint clean drinking water…


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