In Processing The Appreciating

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There is a need I have now to realize that I am not Superwoman.

The harder thing is believing that. Believing that I cannot do or be everything or all things to all people. And I don’t try to be that anymore. I am getting to the point, and have gotten to the point where I see the labor that I do a valuable. I see myself as valuable–at last.

In that type of gratitude, in this space, I have learned to appreciate all that I bring to situations. I have learned there is no honor in invisibility! I have learned to be grateful for every gift and talent I have. I have learned to be grateful for me. I have learned to be thankful for me.

In all the life I have lived, I have learned to be present and cognizant. I have learned my history, doesn’t determine all I am destined for. My emotional labor is not currency for  people to take for granted.

I have learned to not take my own self for granted.

I am learning to appreciate when people thank me for the work that I do. I expect to be thanked when I have done well. The most important thing? I have learned to accept compliments.

This is what I struggle with more than I say. I think most women that have Superwoman syndrome deal with this. In the dealing with and doing everything, we don’t know what it’s like to be appreciated. We don’t know what it’s like to have someone be grateful. Even ourselves.

Today, what I leave you with is the ability to be grateful for all you bring! I want you to be cognizant of what you are–and the dirty secret that we often take advantage of the person we least suspect: ourselves.

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