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Microaggressions are always meant to minimize or question blackness or anything different or non-white. It’s a slick way to chip away at your person, your worth and right to be whom you will.

It can be a simple as your name! The thing behind your birthplace, family and cis-gender you cannot control. I was told that my name was a white girl name since I started school! And this was told to me by black and white kids! I tell my children that the easiest thing you can do to show someone that you respect them is to learn to pronounce someone’s name correctly.

In addressing microaggressions, these slick social assaults, you have to understand microaggressions have their roots in the following: stereotypes, prejudice and racism. They are ways to poke at racial issues without being seen as being noticeably racist.

But here’s a pro-tip: it’s still racist.

No more, no less. No retraction.

You have to consider the source of this ignorance on order to defuse it. It’s like the sun in an empty room—once you see it, there is no way to unsee it.

The defusing of these situations requires you remain confident in who you are in the midst of white supremacist nonsense. You have to be willing to look at the situation you are in so that you can effectively defuse (lookahere, and when need be? READ FOR RUPAUL LEVEL DRASTIC AF FILTH.)

Microaggressions are to make your doubt your worth and all you contain–to undercut and devour. Even if it’s one cut at a time. But like any other bully or virus, unless you are willing to confront it where you find that bullshit, it will persist. Whether that be ally, enemy or friend! If they can’t handle that–treat them like BeyoncĂ© would.

Microaggressions lead to a comfort in those whom tolerate and perpetuate it! Which allows room for the one black/Asian/Gay/Hispanic or Latinx/Muslim friend they have. Microaggressions cannot allowed to flourish because they breed–bringing their cousin big cousin bigotry, Auntie -Isms, and their roommate, Apathy.

It’s 2018, y’all! Solange told Becky not to touch our hair. Next time she do? We snatching her up!



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