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Tired Phrases

“This is the worst mass shooting in US history.”

I am so sick of hearing this phrase. I’m tired of death being so…common.

I am old enough to remember what happened on April of 1999. I remember coming home from school, two months before graduation, and turning on the news to see kids my age running out of a school in Colorado with what can only be described as panic and terror.

Then I saw it in Paducah, KY.

Pearl, MS.

And this rash of school shooting, mixed in with regular murder, before I graduated high school that June—and I still remember where I was on 9/11/01…and when Sandy Hook happened, Virginia Tech, and when the crazed man killed more children…this time in the Amish school…Orlando, and now Las Vegas.

I’m tired of this phrase. I’m tired of blood. I’m tired of the NRA wiping blood away with money.

I’m tired…

And I’m tired of this being sanctioned. And pulled away from the light of scrutiny.

I’m tired of experts, pundits and reporters fighting about the Second Amendment as if it were some holy writ on cable news and other media outlets.

ProTip:  It isn’t.

Like all hurt, mad children whom know they are in trouble and their toys are about to be taken, gun enthusiasts clutch their AK’s, rifles and Desert Eagles with their Bible like there is a no-knock warrant being served. You cannot defend murder like this with the interest of public safety in mind. The illusion of that is broken by virtue of the overzealous nature of police in dealing with people of color.

This has got to stop.

Much like the Columbine flower here, native to the town in Colorado that shares an infamous name, there is hope. That hope is at the root level: acknowledgement with appropriate action. That, and a good dose of common sense. Starting with this question:

“What is a gun, and what is it used for?”

1-We first have to admit that guns, by design, are weapons that hurt, maim and kill people.

2-No matter the manufacturer, no matter the caliber, no matter the intention, the basic design and purpose for a gun is to be a weapon.

From here, we can discuss why one shouldn’t have an AK-47 to shoot beer cans in the backyard.