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Work Crushes, Work Husbands, & The Guys Who Make Your Day

Let’s give God some credit.

Men are awesome. I’m a fan of His handiwork. And from that, some if my favorite people in the world are male. Keeping with this June love theme, let me share and serve a little more love, and a little less bash. 

If you’re honest, there’s a guy at your work right now that you think is pretty nice looking and whom always says nice things to you in passing. You like how he does his job, and interacts with people. He’s funny. He’s smart and he often makes the coffee in then break room. Work crushes are awesome! Why? They remind you that you’re still alive and remain. I have a couple at my work. As a married woman, would I act on them? No! But it’s nice to be admired and to enjoy the scenery.😇

When I was a teenager, I had more male friends than female friends. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. Probably because I really had nothing in common with the girls at my high school:  they were rapt in the world it created and I was rapt in the idea of leaving. 

There were Anthony, Brian and DJ and Zachary that made school bareable. We talked sports, leaving the city and college. I got to be more of myself and I’m forever grateful for that. Even *Alejandro was one of these people in my twenties.
There was even a teacher during my senior year I would talk to about “this whole writing thing” and he told me to go for it, that he knew I could do it. I even started calling him my  “Big Brother Matt” during these times we could be common. Thank you Mr. Stephen Batchelor.

Now, work husbands are a new thing to me as far as the title, but not a new thing. I’ve had jobs where there was a guy whom I vibed with that would do extra things for me, and me for him and we’d each lunch together. I could and did talk to him about life and get his advice. 

This was dope because it’s good to have people that support you and care for you without ulterior motive (mind you, I have a legal husband and I don’t have a work husband. He’s ENOUGH, trust me). It’s good to be cared for and looked out for. 

Of course there are the men that vacillate out of your life as well. The bus drivers that let you off and on when you’re short, and make sure no one bothers you. 

The maintenance guys that come by and fix things on top of what you ask of them. The mechanic that doesn’t fleece you AND answers your questions. 

The guy that respects your mind in fields of academia, politics, as well as advocacy and activism. The men that grant you space as clergy, without the 2 Timothy sexism.

The men whom defend you when you are not in the room. 

The men that indeed tell their sons that women are to be valued, protected and respected.

Indeed, these people of God’s creation are amazing. Perfect? Not by a long shot. 

But some are just perfect enough for you.

Love on your guys today.