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The Parable Of The Water Glass

It’s just a glass.


Melted and shaped rock that was formed and that I can drink out of. This glass was given to me by the Director of FLOW: Where Writing Moves, one amazing Ms. Amanda Wells.

I have not drank from it, and cried when she said I could have one of the many she has on a brown shelf on the wall in her cozy office. I turned it over and over in my hands, tried not to cry. One would ask, “Why cry over a glass? It’s just a glass.” These are the people whom cannot relate to me–they are not acquainted with loss or pain or passions.

It was about two years ago when I decided to forgo nursing school, the goal of becoming a nurse, in favor of pursuing what I loved: writing.

I decided to let go of the safe to do the extraordinary, the unsafe and unheard of. I listened to my heart and the leading of God and have seen my life transform. Since giving up nursing school, the false self, I rediscovered my artistic bent and nature. I began to love me again. I loved creating and words again…I found me.

On this journey, I found myself in rooms I did not unlock, with people I would have never met, and was allowed to have this little Dollar Store water glass.

Which I am allowed to fill…

All my years of trying to please people, of not being accepting of all I was, allowing other people to define me and what I needed–has ended.

I define me now. And only me.

This glass sits in a place where I can see it daily. It reminds me of my potential, my power, my choices and beliefs. It holds only what I allow, and releases only what I say and will. I reminds me that my journey is not over…only just beginning.

And I shall be brave enough to finish it.



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Happy New Year!

Same fire. New year. Let’s get it!

#MichaelBJordan #BlackPanther #Boycott #BoycottWhat #Madness #Art #Movies #Celebrities #WhoseBusinessIsIt #TeamAllBlack #NoDistractions #OpeningNightWillBeLit

This came across my desk late yesterday, courtesy of my little cousin’s Facebook page. Supposedly, there is a faction whom believes BLACK PANTHER needs to be boycotted by black women or black women need to boycott BLACK PANTHER because one of the stars of the movie, Michael B. Jordan, is or may be dating a white girl.

In 2018, we are still entertaining Hotep conspiracy theories?

Not over here.



The Ideal Firestarter does not entertain or spread Hotep conspiracy theories.

BLACK PANTHER is going to be a successful MARVEL movie. The movie has an all-black cast . When I heard of this movie being made, indeed Wakunda being a real cinematic place, I was overjoyed. And the mother-sister part of me feared something like this would happen. In this pivotal artistic time, where we as a people reclaim our voice and artistic expression and vision–he ain’t got time for this.

Go get your ticket now. Support black artists. Pay no attention to loud folk not doing nothing…but will retweet.

#FreePress #Authors #ItsComingDown #MichaelWolff #FireAndFury #HotOffThePress #AvalancheOfBullsh!t #BookRelease #WritersMatter #YouCantStopThisPen #YouCantStopMyPen

The last 24-48 hours as a writer has been thrilling! Michael Wolff wrote a book so dope that 45 tried to sue him and the publisher! The buzz is so salacious the book got released damn near a week early! This is amazing!

Michael Wolff right now is goals!

I bought the hubs a copy because he sat up with a bowl of popcorn cackling at MSNBC Wednesday night. Yes. CACKLING.

(I’m waiting on Omarosa’s book personally.)

I won’t say this generational nightmare is over, but it definitely has an end in sight!

People love writers as long as the pen is empty and pencil not sharp! Sometimes writers make enemies because the pen speaks quicker than its master. Writers listen, observe and record diverse situations. I make few apologies for this.

45 is mad people can see him piss downwind and know it isn’t rain. He is falling the f— out and it is glorious! It is GLORIOUS! I highly recommend the book…

Get it.

Gift it.

Start a reading group.

Quote it.

Watch the Fireworks…and *horocruxes break.


The hairpiece

PressSec’s low eye

KellyAnne’s very presence

Melania’s non-emotion

I Got Time: “GET OUT”

I saw GET OUT with my husband of 4 years on our living room couch. I screamed and was almost in tears insisting to my husband that “We had to help Chris!” I had a visceral reaction to hearing “Stay woke!” from Redbone in the car with my children days later.


I legit was climbing the couch screaming–being a writer makes your hyper-observant to everything around you and everything you see. This film let me know the brilliance of Jordan Peele and the rich nature of this thing called blackness.


Today I found out this movie, that I’m STILL unraveling the Easter Eggs Jordan Peele left 3 months later, was nominated for a Golden Globe.


I also found out this brilliant movie was nominated in/for the category of Best Comedy.





Allow me to be The Loud Girl I spoke about yesterday right quick, because I’m a writer and this is some nonsense…

GET OUT is not a damn comedy. Just because Jordan Peele is one half of a comedy duo on Comedy Central doesn’t mean he can’t write or cannot write anything else! Don’t fix your ballot to cheapen his work to say this is an f’n comedy. The author of this work and screenplay writer, Mr. Peele himself, calls this a social thriller. What the (bleep) about that is (bleep) funny?! WHAT ABOUT THAT IS FUNNY?!

Not a drama, but comedy?


Am I upset? Yes. This is artistic discrimination–whether it is intentional? Yeah, it is! Hell yes it is?! What parts were funny?

I’ll wait.

I got time for it.

The over/hypersexualization of black men?

The depression/stigma of black women and men?

The societal lusting of us as a people–body, artistic/athletic gifting, personal style and creativity?

The fact that The Sunken Place indeed is real?

I could go on…but watch the damn movie!

There is nothing funny about this movie! As a writer, as a writer whom is a woman of color, I am utterly f-ckin offended.

The Golden Globes just served a cold slap to Jordan Peele — and Baptist Church mother peppermints disguised as praise — and lowered the quality of the work to something that can be laughed at rather than considered and discussed (which by the way, is one of the purposes of satire)! Granted, Jordan declared that this film/his movie is a ‘societal thriller’ and  ‘doesn’t fit in any genre category.’

Damn that. That being said, it’s not a f-ckin comedy. Even if it is satire. The only funny thing is Jordan ain’t whup nobody ass, and he is in talks to redo The Twilight Zone so, Jordan gon’ get this paper irregardless* of what these dumbass people think…


Black. Writers. Matter.

Respect our work.

We are done asking.


*-I know this is not a word. It was used for emphasis.