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Interracial Revenge Dating

I started dating interracially in high school. My first serious boyfriend was White. Yet, I never made dating interracially my entire personality. I had always been on the mindset that if I was going to date, I want to be with someone who want to be with me!

Plus, why should I just be limited to Black men today if Black men did not want to date me! That didn’t seem fair.

The most interesting thing I keep seeing now on social media is this class of Black men who make it their entire personality that they are not dating Black women. that would be all willing good, if they did not make black women in the dirty format they wiped all their rage on! no granite, this is not every black man, but there are way too many!

And the question that I really have is, “What do you really get out of dogging black women because you’re not dating one?” That is the oddest flex! What do Black men really get out of trying to hurt Black women like this and these public arena? I don’t get it.

Trick Daddy even said years ago that Black women were ‘in trouble’ because now White women have our body shape–and once they learn how to cook? It over for us! Even Kevin Samuel said that the only thing to rival a Black woman is not another Black woman, a Latin woman! According to Kevin Samuels because Latin women have been taught to be submissive.


Why you ask?

Just so y’all hate Black women and go! No one really cares that you want to make dating a non-Black woman you’re entire personality! That just means you have nothing else in your life to develop, and embarrassing yourself by trying to humble Black women on some “Nan-nanny-na-na” is ridiculous.

We are not fooled, neither are we bothered. We will be fine. Trust!