Tag: Black Blogs Matter Challenge


Black Blogs still matter.

They matter because the voice of black people matter. Blogging allows us to express ourselves in the a way that mainstream media and social media does not allow. There is a freedom language offers bloggers, especially black bloggers, that cannot be mimicked to or by other people. Blogging takes the oral tradition, and allows it to stretch to examine what else can be done. Blogs run by black bloggers offer a view to the life experiences of black people. Black writers offer something unique most blogs run by non-persons of color do not offer.

We offer earnest emotion, unique perspectives and fresh looks on things society often don’t pay attention to. We shine light on issues that pertain to us as a culture and community allow us to network and understand we aren’t alone. There is a power in putting culture and talent out for consumption for those that look like you. It allows room to groove, flow, and be genuine.

Being genuine is something writers are told to be in order to convey imagination and ideals. Blogging forces the black bloggers to do both. Black bloggers matter because we create space, we network and create community. These things are important!

Black blogs matter because our lives matter, baby. What happens to us matter. We *does these words, and we get these sites and we make room, elbowing if necessary, to make this space, preserve this space, where we can say, “This here is mine and you can’t tell me how to run it.” Blogs allow us to not see our own voices as merely echoes.

We don’t take up space, we occupy space. We recognize our voices, use this vehicle of the internet or domains to occupy this space that black people are known to do:  we turn out, whatever we use!

Black blogs still matter because black lives matter. Our experiences, talents, dreams, desires all matter. Black blogs allow windows to be opened into the rich talents of black people. It matters, these blogs matter, because we matter.

*-This phrase was coined by me in regards to writing. It means someone that allows the full use of words and potential of language. Indeed, “I does these words.”