The Ideal Firestarter Contributors

You’ll be happy to know I don’t roll through this portion of the internet without a squad! Here are the people who help make this spot lit and indeed keep the fires burning!

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Rebecca Quarles (ladyq1052)-Contributor

Twitter: @ladyqu1502

IG: @ladyqu1502

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Rebecca Loving-Quarles is born in Saint Louis Mo and has been writing since 9th grade, while attending Beaumont High School. During this time, her classmates thought she was mute due to not talking and my African American Studies teacher told her to write her words on paper since Rebecca didn’t talk.

Rebecca currently resides in Shawnee, Kansas with her husband, Reagis. She is an independent author in the process of publishing her book series Running Away from God (RAFG) with Christian Faith Publishing. She also collaborates with other authors and does ghostwriting.

Besides being a writer, she is a craft enthusiast! She makes bouquets, chairs, ottomans and centerpieces! She also spending time with friends, traveling and plan weddings.  Above all, her passions or gifts and Rebecca considers her first love will always and forever be the written word.

Shauncea Shotwell-Contributor

Twitter: @bnanacremekween

IG: @starrdusted_

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Shauncea is a 32 yr old author from Michigan. Her passion for writing was discovered at only 8 years old when she participated in a young authors festival. Shauncea is a survivor of some of life’s most trying hardships and she channels that trauma into honest and courageous works. A passion for God, BBW fashion, and her unique brand of comedy make Shauncea’s work  especially endearing to those of us who love to read REAL feelings and laugh along the way.

Meisha “MeMe” Davis-Social Media Coordinator

FB:  Meisha Davis

IG: @1meaftertheother

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“I’m pro-black, educated and well spoken, but sometimes I like to do ratchet things.”

38-year-old Meisha Davis found the perfect explanation of her persona from the aforementioned quote attached to a viral meme. She found her voice after noticing her confluent manner of being able to express her thoughts and feelings on some of social media’s most prominent topics with a comedic flare and informative undertones. 

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” ‘

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Meisha wears her humanitarian badge with the same over compensating swag of a mumble rapper wearing his overpriced, oversized medallion. Albeit her agenda of feeding the homeless may only reach within a local region, using her social media platform Meisha weilds her small influence. Encouraging others to join in her efforts of feeding the homeless in their area. 

10 year goal? To be successfully operating nonprofit Domestic Violence Villas in conjunction with a full service resource center. With the ending goal of women that come from traumatic circumstances to develop into woman that are in triumphant prosperity. 

Jaiyda E. Tyler (jaiydat)-Administrative Intern (2019-2020)

I love change. That’s first about me! I’m also a Leo, and yes, I’m one of those astrology people! Don’t judge. I’m twenty years of age, and in my junior year of college at Michigan State University. Even with being a Spartan now I used to be a Panther at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University where I found out that cheese in grits is the ONLY way! With that being said I’m a huge foodie, and drool at the thought of a good burger! 

A twenty year old Leo who enjoys food, and is in love with the idea of change doesn’t sound like much, so I’ll be honest, I barely know myself. For now I’ll leave you with the basics, and hope you find more about me through my writing!