About Me

Hey y’all!

I’m Jennifer Bush-Harris!

Welcome to my virtual house. Make yourself at home. The lemonade is sweet, and the tea is hot. Get a snack and stay a while. Put you feet up, and let’s talk.

I’m a St. Louis, MO native,  mother of two spitfire daughters and a believer in God and Black Girl Magic. I love traveling, shopping, politics, and literature (classic/popular). I’m known to use Shakespeare in normal conversation.

I’ve been writing since I was eight, and decided to pursue my talent as a career three years ago. Since then, I’ve become a published author, doing more freelance work and editing work. I’m also in process of completing my first webinar and podcast to start in 2018!

I love words, language, traveling, good food, my husband, Netflix and rainy days.


I post every Monday and Wednesday! Also RUNITBACK FRIDAY, and TALK ABOUT IT TUESDAY, where I talk about the stuff on my head that bothered me all week but couldn’t talk about in total.

Also, I do ‘bonus posts’ at random times of the week if there are things that are on my head, in the news, or that I think about while watching my kids play. 

The topics here go from funny, political, relationships and random thoughts. The goal still being to make you think. My job here is to give space and voice. My blogs come from the perspective of a mom, wife and specifically, a big sister.

I didn’t have an older sibling growing up, and was jealous of kids that did. So I thought it would be most awesome to add my awesome to the world at large–someone that you could glean life from, and kinda be a guide. Since I took more than a few unnecessary knocks, I thought I would give the gift of wisdom.


“…no woman has ever written enough.” -bell hooks

The goal of The Ideal Firestarter (EST. 2016) is to make you think:

To start a fire under you, and in you.

The goal is to make your realize the strength of your voice and that it has value. And so do you, every aspect of you. The additional goal is to fulfill this listed and favorite quote by bell hooks:

In allowing space as a black woman, for black women, and those whom have ear to hear to be familiar with all the concerns that face us as people on a day to day basis,  among and in all social strata, I believe, this is an excellent start.


I do my best to answer all inquiries and comments within 1-2 business days. The quickest way to contact me is the following:


For all other inquiries and business info, see my CONTACT page.