There Are No More Cookout Invitations

I said this last year, and perhaps the year before last: THERE ARE NO MORE COOKOUT INVITATIONS. Don’t ask me! I can’t speak to nobody else, but I ain’t got not nam one to give, seek or spare!

In the year of our Lord, I don’t have the patience, or desire to police the space I’m supposed to safe in.

Just because you are versed in AAVE, know how to braid, and know how to play Spades, that does not mean you get access. At this point The Cookout is a safe space, and has always been! So, no I can’t give non-Black people access to spaces that had to be created because of/in spite of non-Black people!

This space is ours.

A place where we are free, understood, safe–and seen. I will not make apology for wanting, and creating a space where I can laugh loud, hug long, and breathe. A space that we are just what we are…

So, no–you can’t come.

No, I don’t care if you have Black friends.

I don’t care that you are doing your deconstruction, activism work–it doesn’t matter.

Some things, just ain’t for you.

This is part of that.


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