Decolonize The Podcasts!

In the day in age where we are looking for comfort and COVID symptoms, podcasts help to inform, entertain and pass the time. As the month ends, here are some y’all should follow right now (all of these podcasts are found on either Apple Podcasts, Google Play, & Spotify):

1.) WhatJayeSaid: The Podcast (found on all 3 platforms)

2.) The Antidote (On Spotify)

3.) So For Us (found on all 3 platforms)

4.) Written in Melanin (found on all 3 platforms)

5.) Marsha’s Plate (found on all 3 platforms)

6.) White Woman Whisperer (found on all 3 platforms)

7.) Professional Troublemaker (found on all 3 platforms)

9.) The Reclaimed (found on all 3 platforms)

10.) Nightlight: The Black Horror Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Play)

11.) The People v. Podcast (found on all 3 platforms)

12.) Black Girl Gone (found on all 3 platforms)

13.) Coins & Connections (found on all 3 platforms)

Please make sure you rate, review and recommend! All 5 stars are needed!


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