Black Voters Matter: It Should Not Have Been This Close

This is your reminder to support Stacey Abrams and her initiative Fair Fight. Click here for more information.

I won’t lie to y’all. This Runoff election in Georgia scared me. I normally don’t pray about outcomes of elections, but this is a world that survived the reign of a whole Orange Klansman! We can’t not NATHAN to chance! I mean, Dr. Jamal Bryant went viral for saying everything we all thinking and feeling!

Nothing he said in that video was a lie! Not nothing!

Herschel Walker is the man that my father would disowned me for bringing home, and my mother would have bussed me smooth in the mouth for bringing home! For all of Dr. Warnock’s proven leadership capacity, he still had to contend for his Senate seat from a man who needs handlers, a pronunciation guide, and be told that the plot of Underworld cannot be feasible, credible, talking points for political debate. And yet, this was the breakdown:

“The slave Negroes you used to don’t live here no more!” -Dr. Jamal Bryant

The fact that this run-off election put white supremacy and comfort on full display?

The fact that the BEST the GOP could come up with is a man who is an abuser, and used to being told what to do by white folk?

Oh, that’s not an accident. That’s not by happenstance! The GOP needs a certain type of Black person to perpetuate its level of racism, and they thought by throwing the good folk of Georgia THAT dude who pulled out a Woody badge to a debate?! The level of ‘I can’t believe this’ I didn’t know was tangible until now!

Yet, how was it this close! How?!

I pray for the safety of Dr. Warnock and the health of his church–Ebenezer Baptist Church. The same Ebenezer Baptist Church Dr. King pastored.

Clearly Georgia is going to be in play for elections to come–and once more, yet again and still, Black women save the day by being a powerful voting bloc. What would the world do without us?

I shudder to think,

[Top photo: credit from Georgia Public Broadcasting]


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