Black Voters Matter

I will never tire of saying this: If you are Black and over the age of 18, you need to be registered to vote.

Nope! Shut up! Go register to vote!

I am raising 2 teenagers–both Generation Z.

In two years, my oldest child will be eligible to vote. She is so excited to be eligible to vote! With her seeing her mother embroiled in trying to save the world and being knowledgeable of her personal familial history–yeah, she knows how crucial voting is. I am known to take both children with me to local elections.

I told my children how important it is to be politically savvy, and aware of the world around them. As Black women, they cannot be caught off guard, be unaware, or assume the world will right itself on its own.

In 2022, there was a video of Steve Bannon recorded where he stated that if Black men would join their movement (yes, you read that right–if Black men would join white supremacist ideology), they (Black and White men) could govern for 100 years.

I wish I was making this up. This is what we are up against!

With how close this run-off in election in Georgia was, with Black women being the ones saving democracy again (#the91%), how close the 2020 election was, and the 2022 midterms were–we as a community cannot be ignorant of the enemy’s devices! The fact that some Black men would be seduced by a white supemacist for the sake of power (that they actually have!) is mind-blowing!

All politics are local.

All local policies influence state and federal policies.

If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try to take it from you.

Stay woke and vote.

Note: The next presidential election will be here before you know it, and your local elections need your involvement. Check your states voter roster and be sure your ID and address are valid. Also, double check your polling place! Stay woke and vote!

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