The first 20 days of this year have been crazy!

Confidential paperwork has been found in Uncle Joe office and house, Blueface and Chrisean out here campaigning for Most Toxic Couple Ever, Ms. Holla family clowning, and George Santos is a whole fraud across two lifetimes!

Chile! Let’s get it!

#UncleJoe #WhatPapers #WhoDidIt #GetVelmaOnTheCase #WhereTheLogs #WhyItsSoManyPapers #WhatIsGoingOnNow

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. has been found to have had confidential papers in this office and his house. Now, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do have healthy dose of common sense. I have had to take work home, I have forgotten things at home that I needed for work. Was it dumb? Yes. Was it government information? No. Between this and Orange Thanos feigning dementia, all this proving is old White men do not need to be in power anymore.

#MsHolla #Grandmas #SocialMediaFamily #Mourning #FamilyDrama

Speaking as one whom is at the age where I have no surviving grandparents.

So, realizing that Grandma Holla passed, and her family is fighting? They are mad that the granddaughter who was there for her monetized off her popularity? Like, where were y’all when she needed you? Like, are y’all fighting about the money or the fact that the granddaughter ain’t give y’all no money?

I’ll wait.

#Toxicity #Chrisean #Blueface #WhyLord #WhereThePeople #WhereTheyPeople #TheSharpTank #Breakup2023 #TeamBluefaceBreakup2023 #TeamChriseanBreakup2023

I am 41.

I am a DV survivor.

What I see in the insanity that passes as a relationship is young woman whom has given her all to a man and he no longer wants her. What I see is a relationship that is so toxic that makes struggle love normal! What I see is a man used to doing a woman badly because he believes that’s appropriate.

And she’s pregnant…again. And Blueface doesn’t think it’s his.

It’s only January 20. JANUARY. TWENTIETH.

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