“If You Can’t Fly, Run…”

Dr. King would have been 94 today. 94.


I want to remind of you two things as we go into this time of remembering and service.

I. Your life matters. I am now almost 3 years older than Dr. King will permanently be. With all that we all have witnessed over the past almost 7 years, that can be hard to remember. The stress Black folk have been under forever reminds us that there is so much further to go for this idea of equality is seen. Your gifts, your talents, your service, your life matters. Never allow the stress of this life to rob your of the power your life has! YOU ARE A TORCH!

II. Move forward. There is something that you can do with your life. There is something that you must do with your life! No matter your age, no matter how much you do or don’t make–move forward. Dr. King is not the only person whom is able to dream! It is not just Dr. King whom was invested in the betterment of ALL people, especially Black people! As the above image says, I must emphasize: you have to keep moving forward. My father said it this way: “There is always a way to do something.” In taking that to heart, I want to remind you that you can do something. Not all things done in this life will be monumental, but greatness is done increments. The things you do day in, day out when people are watching and when they are not. Keep moving forward! Do the little thing until it becomes a big thing! Help someone else to do the little things so their big thing will come to pass. But, life does not always render you helpless. Yet, we can be rendered helpless when we refuse to help others which will help ourselves.

The Dream is not over. And we are not asleep. We will keep going. We must keep going.


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