Book Review December 2022: BLACK WOMEN WILL SAVE THE WORLD by April Ryan

Y’all didn’t think that I would let this year end without a BOOK REC did you? Nah.

I am a fan of April Ryan. For most people, they became aware of her and other Black female journalists during the firestorm that was the Trump Presidency.

There is a toughness to her that I see (or believe) was seen in Ida B. Wells Barnett. In that toughness, there is love, wisdom, and a tenacity to protect and reveal truth. This book is as reminder of the power that Black women have, have had to mine, have had to pass on for the survival of a community!

Indeed, Black women will save the world!

This book is more than an anthem–it is a love letter to Black women. Sis just told every Black woman–no matter where she is, no matter her age, no matter her mistakes–“I see you.”

I see you.

This is the book that you read in a group; this is a book that you gift; this is book that you need to hear April read, and have the physical copy to highlight! I, personally, listened to this book via the gift that is Audible (there is a PDF version you receive when you download it). April walks the reader through the history of Black women in this nation without focusing solely on our trauma and pain. She speaks to how because of that trauma and pain we had to become! We had to become what life (and its numerous situations) needed in order to survive!

In this book, April speaks about her own battles with Impostor Syndrome, death threats due to her presence as a Black women in a toxic space dominated by racist White men, health scares, and erasure–situations which are all too common to Black women.

Yet, she kept showing up. Like Black women do.

We. Show. Up.

“I was supposed to stay in my place, but that place wasn’t for me.” -A. Ryan

From politics. To health. To education. To self-advocacy. Demanding our credit. And the power of Sisterhood. I shouted no less than 5 times. I almost broke in half almost 3.

Just when I think I as a Black woman walk through the world feeling all alone, this book reminded me that I am not. That it is impossible to! I am reminded to fill my own cup (April talks about taking time to recharge, and doing what gives her joy). I am reminded that Black women fight for everyone, because we know what is at stake! I mean, Trevor Noah spoke about the same thing for his final sign off for the Daily Show. For that unique blend of foresight and insight (through the power of hindsight) Black women need to be listened to. This book reminds Black women we are valuable…and worthy. And indeed, we save the world…on a daily basis.

“I am trying to be more human and less superhero.”

April Ryan, Black Women Will Save The World

[Images from Miami Book Fair and Apple Books]

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