Final Thoughts

“If you can’t fly, run…” -MLK

I am fond of saying that writing is activism. Recording the goings on of a time, and of my people, is activism. There are things that need to be said, and they must be said by someone.

Right now, in this space, at this time, I am on my Ida B. Wells Barnett things!

I am on my Nikki Giovanni, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison things!

I am joining my pen to do this ancestor work of writing, recording, and starting good trouble. I am have decided that this good trouble is what will use to push forward to this place called better. The hope that I have in us (as Black people), is wrapped up in this phrase:

“We will not die in this place.”

In this strange land, we have to hold fast to the hope that we make, create and sustain. I, for one, am going to sustain, create, and make hope. One word, one post, one day at a time.

You can rest, yes. You can be disappointed and hurt, of course! Yet, don’t give up. Give up ain’t in my DNA, and it shouldn’t be in yours!

Here we go–together.

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