For The Ancestors-Part 2

“Not always have we had amnesia…” -Sunni Patterson

When I first heard Sunni Patterson preform the work We Know This Place, the phrase ‘not always have we had amnesia’ stuck with me.

It is that knowledge which propels me to not only do better, but to do the things which remind me to do better! There must be the evidence that better is tied to progress yielding desired results! There are other people outside of me whom are here and yet coming that are going to need me to show up daily!


In the space that I am in now, my focus is on what needs to be done in my community, my family, to make it better–no matter how small that change is. Or how small I may think it is!

Change is never late, and is always needed!

The agitation needed to get clothes clean, is the same consistent agitation needed to clean our community and world up!

Give up cannot be part of this plan.

The work that I need to do? The work you have found you to do? Do it so that those who follow you will be able to build, serve, and go farther.

Get up, Torches! We have a moving target to track!

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