For The Ancestors-Part 1

We are the new ancestors. We must act accordingly.

Faith is the main component of what I do.

It is this belief in something bigger than myself that compels me to do the work that I do. Activism. Writing. Ministry of support. What I want to leave the world with his heat and hope. I want the world to know that I was here. I was here, we were, here and survived.

As I look over the power of this month, the people that I have introduced you to, and the work left to do, I want you all to understand all is not lost. There is still work to do, to be started, and to support.

The strongest asset we have ever had as a community, as a people, has been–us.

The strongest asset we will have, will always be us.

What we begin to do now to effect the next generation of those who will follow us! We have to at least leave them a map. We have to leave them a way forward, and the evidence of what power looks like!

Our ancestors did that.

Fighting with us in mind: seeking things that which allowed us to live a little better, go a little farther. We need to do the same! We owe them that. History is not that distant, Torches.

History holds our parents, grandparents, older cousins, and our own.

Freedom is power plus opportunity. We must use both in order to advance the path and make it clear to those to come. Make no mistake, they are coming. Let us give them a future to look forward to.


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