Viva La Josephine!

Josephine Baker is the first Black woman whom is buried in the Pantheon in Paris. As a St. Louis native (as she was), her life is evidence that Black women are always everywhere changing every part of the world. -JBH

Josephine Baker is one of the baddest Black women whom has ever lived. When I found out who she was, and where she was from, I began to truly be happy about being from St. Louis. There was a writer friend of mine whom said that, “St. Louis will either make you a warrior or a poet.”

No cap: St. Louis has birthed some of the best artists this world has ever known! Josephine was one of them.

This space is too small to rave like I want about her accomplishments, and how dynamic she was. But know this–Josephine deserved every honor that she got. Due to her activism, the love of people, and her her desire to make life better–motivated her to add her passion to change the world.

She choose her path, used her talents to service, and was adopted by a country that loved her enough to continue her immortality (all St. Louis gave her was a street in Midtown!).

The legacy of Josephine Baker is three-fold:

1.) She was never ashamed to be Black.

2.) Love and service compelled her to do the best she could to make the world better.

3.) The nation that embraced her was the one who honored her the most.

Ain’t never finna be another, Joesphine. STL Kids are that deal!

Rest well, Josephine. Rest well.

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