They Know What They Be Doing: Microaggressions Are NOT Just In Your Imagination

Echo the sentiments of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter: “Karens are terrorists.”

My oldest daughter is going to be 15 in a matter of days.

I’ve already had The Talk, she’s aware that racism exists, and her being my child, she is aware of how to say what she means it mean when she says.

She now knows how to survive a police in counter. And a school shooting.

On a recent trip to Six Flags, with her best friend, and my best friend I was asked to step over to security desk by a white officer, because something in my purse has set an alarm off.There was nothing in my purse except my phone, some hair sanitizer in a wallet.

For context, my daughter is biracial (she now identifies as Black), my best friend and her daughter are White.

Spoiler: there was nothing in my bag.As a matter of fact my fat my best friend had her phone out! I being the dark skin tone in the bunch, hair in a wrap, and sunglasses standing at 5’10” clearly I was the one that was up to something!

Yeah, we were up to something. 🫤

Microagressions or nothing new to Black people. Especially, for Black women! It’s something that we’ve had to deal with. The extra looks. The stairs. And the ever favorites of “Did you pay for that?” and “Can I touch your hair?”

In this instant reality of payback in blasting people on the Internet, the first thing that white women do when they were confronted with the stupidity of the racism in the form of microagressions is cry. These checks know what they’re doing.

And to say anything else is disingenuous.

The way we find microagressions are not letting people get away with them. Not letting non-Black people allow us to shrink for their comfort! Where we stand firmly in our blackness, demanding to be treated fairly.

That old lot of, “I just didn’t know! Why are you getting upset?” Isn’it going to cut it anymore. We are no longer shrinking, because you continue to grow in your stupidity.

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