Organization, Recalibration, Going On Anyway

I am fond of saying that the work is on going. The work of activism, change in the world, and even paying attention to the world as it is well dreaming of what it could be, is ongoing!

There is nothing wrong with having multiple viewpoints of how to change the situation, or even adding your strength to a movement that would equally be beneficial!

You can walk and chew gum at the same time.

And also, let me throw this in as a freebie! If you are part of a movement, or an organization, that no longer serves its original purpose? The leadership is questionable? And you no longer feel passionate about it?

Leave. Learn. Try again.

There have been several movies and I participated in, but I have been critical of! Where I thought the leader ship wasn’t doing enough, was not putting forth the right mission statement in order to get the success that would have proven solid.

That doesn’t mean that my fire to change the World ends! Would it does is give me room in a chance to go ahead and do what I need to do in order to add necessary help where it is needed!

The balancing act is how to course correct when you have been involved with a Movement, or an organization, which may no longer be the best thing.

Leave. Learn. Try again.

There is always the work. There’s always work to do! The world is in such a state that Sustainable work to change the world is always needed. It would all else fails, start your own movement.

Again: leave, learn, and try again.

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