The History We Write

“If I just do my work, when I am needed, I’ll be there.” -James Baldwin

Writing is activism!

This time of malignant erasure, and anti-Blackness? Writing and surviving is a revolutionary act.

If I was not alive to be conscious of this time in which I am living, raising children, and recording life events, I am aware no matter how dark the world is, that my words still have to be light!

I am so grateful for Roxane Gay being on MasterClass (Writing In The Time of Social Change), especially with her essay Writing Into The Wound. Both the class and this essay have given me a strengthen and tenacity, to write despite my rage giving to apathy. To fight even though everything in me is overwhelmed, overtaxed and over everything else!

Writing has always in my safe place. History has always been something I was intrigued by. Imagine my surprise when I would have to marry both talent and interest in order to record for posterity!

Imagine my surprise when my adoration of Ida Bell Wells Barnett would have to be my rocket fuel in order to endure everything is happening around me!

This history that is actively being recorded minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, cannot just be written by White people!

It cannot just be non-Black people to dominate this historical narrative! The stories of people whom are unaware of what it’s like to be both Black and something else, cannot be the only ones to have survive this time in history!

My activism empowers me to believe that I will survive this, we will survive this, and that Kendrick Lamar’s “We gon be alright!” is now a gospel refrain!

Right now, as I fight, as I resist, as I record and create, I am leaving breadcrumbs for the generations that are going to follow. So that one day when they read over my words, they will know that no matter what they are facing they will make it too!

Somebody has to survive to teach those whom are coming how to live.

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